Meet the HBF graduates

Find out more about our current graduates that are steering HBF into the future.

Madeleine Johnson

My work on HBF Corporate Strategy has enabled me to translate my university knowledge into real-world results. I’d never have expected to be presenting a unique value proposition to the Corporate Business at such an early stage in my career.

I look forward to absorbing every opportunity to develop throughout the program.

Kelly Dunn

At HBF, I have been able to use my university studies to make a real impact. So far I have gained insight, and have been able to contribute, to multiple departments and soon I’ll be given first-hand feedback from the executive team for my analytical review and recommendations for the HBF Overseas Product Suite.

I look forward to discovering what my passion has become at the end of the program.

Janki Hirani

HBF has given me invaluable exposure working in the corporate environment. From coordinating the Friendlies Pharmacy stall at the HBF Run for a Reason event centre to writing a project brief and business plan working in the Care Coordination team.

I look forward to the rest of my rotations in the Strategy and Ventures division where I’ll continue to contribute my ideas and skills into tangible results.

Boris Divis

Before entering the graduate program, I had limited knowledge on how the Private Health Insurance industry operates, but HBF has provided me with amazing support to bring me into the fold. I’ve now worked on a range of projects spanning multiple divisions, and dealt with high-level sensitive information.

Wherever my career takes me, HBF will no doubt be the Launchpad that made it happen.

Nick Warland

Coming into the Workplace Relations team was quite an adjustment from University life. HBF was in the final stages of negotiating and crafting a new Enterprise Agreement; a project that only comes around every 3 to 4 years. I delivered material to meet legal obligations, employee expectations, and business requirements.

The HBF Graduate Program has definitely changed the way I view myself and my long-term career.

Shereen Stanley

Being at HBF has challenged me to grow as a young professional. I’m doing things that I never expected to be doing in my first job and I love it. My favourite experience so far is visiting our branches, meeting HBF’s amazing staff that work hard to support our members.

I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about our front-end member experience across all areas of the business.

Deborah Greenwood

HBF has given me invaluable exposure to Content Marketing and PR professionals. My time in the Marketing Department has allowed me to work on the PR and Social Media for the 2018 Run for a Reason, creating and implementing strategies from beginning to end.

Without a doubt, HBF has reaffirmed my passion for the field.

Benjamin Le

The HBF Graduate program has given me an exciting look at managing stakeholders and financially balancing the functions of our organisation.

I had the opportunity to assess the value proposition of our GapSaver product, analysing it’s benefit to HBF members. I look forward to gaining a broad perspective of each team’s role in bringing to life the HBF mission, vision, and values.

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