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HBF Member Plus provider - privacy statement

HBF Member Plus provider - privacy statement

At HBF we respect the privacy of your personal information and are committed to ensuring that its security remains protected. We are bound by the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988.

HBF’s collection of personal information

We collect your information when we accept your application to become a Member Plus dental provider (“Provider”) and we may collect further personal information whilst you are a Provider. We will generally collect your personal information during a face-to-face interview, over the telephone, through an online form or by way of a paper based form (including application forms). Some personal information is deemed to be sensitive information. We will treat sensitive information with particular care.


By applying to become a Provider, you are taken to agree:

  • To the collection by HBF of your personal information in connection with your practice as a Provider.
  • That your personal information can be used or disclosed by us as contemplated in this Privacy Statement.

The information we may collect

Usually we will collect details of your name, practice location address, telephone number, facsimile number, or email address and your provider number and schedule of fees.

How HBF will use and disclose your information

HBF uses personal information to provide you with comprehensive service in relation to its products and services.  We may use, and if necessary disclose, your personal information:

  • To pay benefits to HBF members;
  • To promote you as a Provider on our websites (or websites linked to other specialists) which may be accessed by HBF members and any other person.

You also give your consent to the relevant member of the HBF Group of Companies (HBF Group) sharing your personal information (including sensitive information) with other members of the HBF Group for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraudulent or invalid claims or misrepresentation which would cause loss to the HBF Group. Members of the HBF Group may also share and use this information for the purpose of providing you with material, such as articles and information about Provider arrangements that may be of interest to you.

You may request not to receive such information by contacting us. Please allow five working days for your request to be actioned. HBF has a range of obligations under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 and related regulations that impact on its collection and disclosure of personal information. In effect, these require HBF to maintain records, report to regulatory authorities, and to meet various requirements in relation to providing private health insurance. If you apply to become a Provider, HBF would be required to collect information such as your contact details and information that verifies that you are eligible to be a provider. HBF is also required to make certain information and records available to auditors, actuaries and public authorities including the Department of Health and Ageing, the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman and Medicare. We will disclose this and any other information as required by law.

If you do not wish to provide information

If you do not wish to provide personal information, we may not be able to register you as a Provider and pay benefits to members for services you provide.

Accessing your information

In most circumstances you have a right to access any personal information which we collect and hold about you. Please contact us if you wish to access your personal information. We may deny your request in some circumstances and if we do this, we will tell you why. Further details on the way we handle personal information are in our Privacy Policy.

Privacy complaints

If you wish to complain about any breach or potential breach of this Privacy Statement, our Privacy Policy or the NPP’s, you should contact:

HBF Privacy Officer
GPO Box C 101
Perth WA 6809

Phone: 133 423

Your complaint will be responded to within seven days.  We will use our best endeavors to resolve any complaint to your satisfaction, however, if you are unhappy with our response, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: 1300 363 992

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