Brand partnerships

Our brand partnerships seek to deliver added value and improved health and wellbeing outcomes for HBF members, while building brand awareness and consideration.

Our focus – what we are looking for

  1. Best for members

    Partnering with like-minded organisations to provide added value and benefits for our members nationally.
  2. Health and wellbeing

    Partnerships that provide opportunities for improved health and wellbeing outcomes for our members.
  3. Alignment in values

    Building effective long-term relationships with organisations who align with HBF’s values;
    • Members are our reason
    • We are brave
    • We do the right thing
    • We work as one
  4. Brand awareness and consideration

    We seek to partner with organisations that contribute to building our brand awareness and consideration and help us reach prospective members.

What we’re not looking for

  1. Not relevant

    Partnerships that are unable to demonstrate a direct relevance to our focus areas.
  2. Not aligned

    We won’t align with any partner that includes any of the following;
    1. Fast food, alcohol, tobacco or gambling related activities.
    2. Partnerships that are considered hazardous, linked with a negative health image or unsafe to the community in any way.
  3. Fundraising or charity support

    All donation, fundraising events or charity support should be directed to our Community Engagement Program.
  4. Individual requests

    We are unable to support individual’s requests for travel, study or sporting commitments.

Submitting your proposal

If you would like to discuss a brand partnership opportunity, please email the team on

In your email include as much detail on the opportunity and be sure to let us know:

  • Name and position of contact person
  • An overview of your organisation and your values
  • Objectives of the partnership
  • A clear link to our focus areas
  • Timeframe
  • HBF partnership opportunities and benefits, including value to our members