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Why people like you have health cover

Health cover for tax

Maddison, 30

I'm earning a bit more now so my accountant suggested I get Hospital cover to avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). Because I'm 30 I'll also avoid the Lifetime Health Cover loading which would otherwise bump up my premiums if I delayed getting cover.

How Maddison uses her cover

  • She has Basic Extras cover for Optical, General Dental and Chiro
  • Basic Hospital Plus cover helps her avoid the MLS while also being covered for accidents and dental surgery
  • And just in case she’s covered for Urgent Ambulance by road

Health cover for peace of mind

Rob, 27

I wanted Hospital cover for more than the basics in case I get injured. I also get 50% back on remedial massage and physio with my Extras cover, which helps especially after a long training session.

How Rob uses his cover

  • He has Flex 50 Extras cover for General Dental, Remedial Massage and Physio
  • He’s also got Bronze Hospital Plus for joint reconstructions and his back, neck and spine
  • And just in case he's covered for Urgent Ambulance by road

Health cover for planning a baby

Hayley, 31

We want the option to go to the private hospital where I was born, get a private room and choose the obstetrician who will deliver our baby. Friends have told me that physio and remedial massage helped them cope with some of the soreness during pregnancy, so I’ve got cover for those things too.

How Hayley uses her cover

  • She has Gold Hospital cover with pregnancy and birth cover
  • She also has Flex 50 Extras cover for General and Major Dental, Remedial Massage, Nutrition and Physio
  • And just in case she’s covered for Urgent Ambulance by road

Health cover for coming off parents' health cover

Jake, 25

I’ve just graduated from Uni and am working part time while I figure out what I want to do next.

I’m renting, so trying to keep things to a budget. I just need the basics, but I will need to get my wisdom teeth sorted soon. My extras cover me for dental and physio.

How Jake uses his cover

  • He has Basic Extras cover for General Dental and Physio
  • He also has Basic Hospital Plus cover for accidents, joint reconstructions and dental surgery
  • And just in case he’s covered for Urgent Ambulance by road

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What people like you are claiming for*


Preventative dental claims
Physio claims
Ambulance claims
Glasses claims
Contacts claims
Private beds provided
Chiro claims

* Based on 2018 claims data for HBF members aged between 25 and 34 years old. Service eligibility, benefit back per claim and annual limits will vary depending on selected Extras product.

Do you need hospital, extras or both?

Health cover is just an umbrella term for two types of health insurance—Hospital cover and extras cover. Find out what you need with this quick guide.

Hospital cover

Covers you when you’re admitted to hospital, and will help pay for things like specialist fees, accommodation and theatre fees.

View hospital cover

Extras cover

Covers a bunch of everyday health care services Medicare generally doesn’t, like dental, glasses and physio.

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Combined hospital and extras

If you’d like cover for hospital and extras, you can mix and match our products to create your own combined health cover.

Build your own cover

What’s the deal with tax time and health insurance?

What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge?

The Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) is a tax the Australian Government introduced to encourage people earning above a certain amount to buy hospital insurance and where possible go to private hospitals instead of public ones.

There’s often confusion between the Medicare Levy and the MLS. The Medicare Levy is a tax that helps fund the public health care system. Most Australian taxpayers pay this tax. The MLS is an extra tax on top of the Medicare Levy, which only applies to people who don’t have hospital insurance and earn above a certain amount.

How does it work?

If your income is more than $90,000 as a single (or $180,000 as a family) and you don’t have hospital insurance, you might have to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). Depending on how much you earn, the MLS will be 1 – 1.5% of your income.

Does it apply to me?

You will only have to pay the MLS if you’re earning more than $90,000 a year and don’t have hospital insurance.

Even if the MLS doesn’t apply to you, it’s still worth considering taking out hospital cover by 30 June of the year following your 31st birthday. Why? Because of another government requirement: Lifetime Health Cover loading (explained above), which makes Hospital cover more expensive the longer you put off getting it.

What is the Australian Government Rebate?

The Australian Government rebate on private health insurance is a partial refund given to people who take out health insurance. It’s the government’s way of making Hospital, Extras and Ambulance insurance more affordable.

How does it work?

Depending on your age and income, the government will pay a percentage of the cost of your health cover—this is your rebate. You can apply the rebate directly to your premium (to make it cheaper) or you can claim it back as a lump sum when you lodge your tax return.

Does it apply to me?

You should be eligible for the rebate so long as you’re also eligible for Medicare and earning $140,000 or less as a single or $280,000 or less as a family.

What is Lifetime Health Cover?

Lifetime Health Cover loading is an extra cost or mandatory loading that must be applied to the price of hospital cover. It is a measure that is designed to encourage younger people to take out hospital cover and hold onto it once they have it. From 1 April 2019 insurers have the option to allow age based discounts as well.

How does it work?

The loading applies to people 31 or older who don’t have hospital cover and decide to take it out later. For every year over the age of 30 you don’t have hospital insurance, the price goes up 2%. The loading goes up to a maximum of 70%.

To avoid Lifetime Health Cover loading, you must be covered by hospital insurance by the end of the financial year following your 30th birthday.

If the loading applies to you, you’ll need to pay the loading on your Hospital cover for 10 continuous years before it’s removed. The loading is capped at whatever percentage applies to you at the time you take out Hospital cover. For example, if your loading is 2% you will only ever pay that amount.

Does it apply to me?

If you’re thinking about taking out Hospital cover, so long as you’re under 31, the loading won’t apply to you. To avoid the loading, just make sure to take out Hospital cover by the end of the financial year following your 30th birthday.

Olivia, 31

Purchased Bronze Hospital Plus before turning 31 years old.

0%LHC loading

$805.751Bronze Hospital Plus

Martha, 36

Purchased Bronze Hospital Plus at 36 years old. This was her first private hospital cover.

10%2LHC loading

$922.203Bronze Hospital Plus

1 Price is based on a Bronze Hospital Plus ($750 excess), single, in WA paying by direct-debit yearly with 25.059% Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance and 0% Lifetime Health Cover loading. As at 01/04/2020.

2 10% lifetime health cover loading based on a 36-year-old with a birth date after 1 July. With resultant increase in total premium of $116.45. As at 01/04/2020.

3 Price is based on a Bronze Hospital Plus ($750 excess), single, in WA paying by direct-debit yearly with 25.059% Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance and 10% Lifetime Health Cover loading. As at 01/04/2020.

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Frequently asked questions about health insurance

Do I need Hospital cover?

It’s entirely up to you. Many Australians initially get it to avoid government penalties (the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Cover loading). But the real value of private hospital insurance is in the freedom and control it gives you over your healthcare.

With Hospital cover, you can go to a private hospital for treatment and your health fund will help cover your costs. You’ll be able to choose your specialist and skip the public hospital waiting list, which means getting treatment at a time that suits you.

Without Hospital cover, you’ll most likely go to a public hospital for treatment where you won’t have a choice of specialist and will have to wait on the public hospital waiting list—which could mean months, or even years before you receive treatment.

Learn more

What’s the difference between General and Major Dental?

General Dental is a category of dental treatment that focuses on minor dental services. It consists of two sub-categories: Preventative Treatments (like scale and cleans and check-ups) and General Restorative Treatments (like simple fillings and extractions).

Major Dental is a category of dental treatment that focuses on complicated services such as root canals, crowns and bridges.

What cover do I need for wisdom teeth surgery?

If you’d like to go to a private hospital to have your wisdom teeth removed, you’ll need Hospital cover that includes dental surgery and Extras cover that includes General Dental.

You need both because Hospital cover will help cover the cost of your hospital stay (like your accommodation and theatre fees), while Extras cover will help pay for your dental surgeon’s fees.

When do I need to come off my parents’ health cover?

At HBF, we’ll cover you on your parents’ policy for free until you reach 25, provided you’re not married or living in a de-facto relationship, and are either:

  • Not earning a taxable income of more than $24 500 pa; or
  • A full-time student

Is there maternity cover with no waiting period?

No, unfortunately there isn’t. Most health funds, including HBF, have a 12-month waiting period for maternity cover. This helps stop people from signing up for health cover, claiming and leaving soon after, which drives up premiums for all other members of the health fund. Health cover can still be helpful during pregnancy for things like physio and dental. When your baby arrives, you protect them against the unexpected with a family health cover policy.

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