Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is included as a Wellness service.

The Alexander technique teaches how to unlearn postural habits that cause pain or harmful tension in your body.

It is a method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination. It can help you develop an even distribution of muscle tone throughout your body and is used to treat neck, back and muscle pain.

You might need Alexander Technique if you...

  • Are interested in alternative healing approaches
  • Experience head, neck or back pain
  • Have bad posture
  • Suffer from repetitive strain injury

Products that include Alexander Technique cover

Alexander Technique is covered under Wellness.
This is an Extras service, and is included in the following cover options.

Hospital and Extras Packages

Ultimate Package
$90.55 (i)
per week

Extras Only

Premium Extras Plus
$19.90 (i)
per week