Hospital Excess

A Hospital Excess is the amount you elect to pay up-front when you are admitted to hospital. It only needs to be paid if you, or your partner listed on your policy, goes to hospital.

Your Hospital Excess amount is nominated in your hospital or package policy. Generally, the higher your excess, the cheaper your premium will be – however, it also means you pay more up-front if you need to go to hospital.

You might need Hospital Excess if you...

  • Are admitted to hospital for any reason

Things you need to know about Hospital Excess


There are some conditions on Hospital Excess.

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You only need to pay the Hospital Excess if you go to hospital. This payment is once per member on your policy, each calendar year — regardless of how many times you go to hospital during that year.

Always check your Hospital Excess before you go to hospital.

You do not need to pay a Hospital Excess for dependent children, as long as they’re listed on your policy.

Your Hospital Excess does not apply to extras cover.

You can change your Hospital Excess amount at any time.

Please note: If you change your cover to a lower excess and you’re still serving waiting periods, your previous Hospital Excess may apply. 

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More information

For more specific information about your Hospital Excess, or if you’re not sure what your excess is, login to myHBF or please call us on 133 423.

Waiting period

We will honour waiting periods already served more info

Products that include Hospital Excess cover

Hospital Excess is applicable to our hospital policies, and is part of the following cover options.

Hospital and Extras Packages

Young Singles Saver Twin Pack
$18.55 (i)
per week
Smart Saver Twin Pack
$31.30 (i)
per week
Prime Health Package
$40.60 (i)
per week

Hospital Only

Young Saver Hospital
$16.40 (i)
per week
Mid Hospital
$24.90 (i)
per week
Top Hospital
$31.85 (i)
per week