Nebuliser is included under Appliances.

A Nebuliser is a machine that forms a part of our Appliances cover. A Nebuliser changes medication from a liquid into a mist, so it can be more easily inhaled into the lungs. Nebulisers can be used to deliver a variety of medications both for immediate relief and maintenance of treatment.

They are particularly effective in helping deliver treatment to infants or small children. Nebulisers can range in size, from large tabletop units to smaller, portable models.

You might need Nebuliser if you....

  • Are being treated for asthma
  • Are receiving treatment for a respiratory disease
  • Have children and need assistance administering medication
  • Have cystic fibrosis

Products that include Nebuliser cover

Nebuliser is covered under Appliances.
This is an Extras service, and is included in the following cover options.

Hospital and Extras Packages

Prime Health Package
$40.60 (i)
per week
Ultimate Package
$90.55 (i)
per week

Extras Only

Standard Extras
$8.35 (i)
per week
Flexi Extras
$13.40 (i)
per week
Premium Extras Plus
$19.90 (i)
per week