Non-Urgent Ambulance

Non-Urgent Ambulance provides road transport for patients who don’t need an emergency response, but require clinical monitoring or assistance on their journey. This commonly applies when being transferred between hospitals, or from home to hospital. 

HBF’s Non-Urgent Ambulance service is called Ambulance Plus. This service gives you comprehensive cover for non-urgent ambulance transport by road, and includes a $3000 limit for each person covered on your policy.

You might need Non-Urgent Ambulance if you...

  • Are being admitted to hospital for a procedure in the near future
  • Are monitoring a serious medical condition
  • Have a medical condition that may require unexpected trips to hospital
  • Want to be covered for all road ambulance journeys

Products that include Non-Urgent Ambulance cover

Non-Urgent Ambulance is an Add-on service, called  Ambulance Plus .
It is included in our  Ultimate Package , and can be added onto any of our Hospital products or packages.

Hospital and Extras Packages

Ultimate Package
$90.55 (i)
per week

Add-on Products

Ambulance Plus
$0.55 (i)
per week