Nutritionist is a service that helps you access the advice of a Nutritionist or Dietician. Nutritionists promote healthy eating and living to assist in the prevention of illness.

Nutritionists have extensive knowledge about the nutritional value of foods, how they interact with the body and impact lifestyle. They can advise you on what to eat in order to achieve specific health-related goals.

You might need a Nutritionist if you...

  • Are concerned about your weight
  • Have set a weight goal and need help achieving it
  • Want to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Would like help managing diabetes, food allergies, cancers, gastrointestinal diseases or obesity

Products that include Nutritionist cover

Nutritionist is an Extras service, and is included in the following cover options.

Hospital and Extras Packages

Ultimate Package
$90.55 (i)
per week

Extras Only

Flexi Extras
$13.40 (i)
per week
Premium Extras Plus
$19.90 (i)
per week