Yoga is included under Wellness.

Yoga is a practice that uses a system of low impact postures, breathing exercises and meditation sequences to strengthen the body and clear the mind. It is suitable for all ages.

Practicing yoga can improve your muscular and postural strength, help you become more flexible and nurture your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

You might need Yoga if you...

  • Are looking for a low impact way to stay fit
  • Need a healthy way to de-stress and relax
  • Want to improve your balance and flexibility
  • Want to improve your posture and strength

Products that include Yoga cover

This is an Extras service, and is included in the following cover options.

Hospital and Extras Packages

Ultimate Package
$90.55 (i)
per week

Extras Only

Premium Extras Plus
$19.90 (i)
per week