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  • Exclusive member benefits.
  • Largest health fund in WA
  • 30 day cooling-off period.

Health insurance

How to save

Read below for information on how to make the most of your health insurance and get more back when you claim.

  • Save with the Australian Government Rebate
    on private health insurance
  • Reduce your tax
  • Join early and save
  • Direct debit
  • Excess
  • Claim more 
  • Member Plus dentists and optical stores
  • Minimise out-of-pocket expenses in hospital

Save with the Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance

If you’re eligible for Medicare you have access to the Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance, a subsidy on the cost of private health insurance.  The rebate is income tested and applies to hospital and ancillary cover and ambulance policies. Depending on your income and age, you could be eligible for a rebate of up to 35.722%, which the Australian Government will pay to HBF on your behalf.

See if you are eligible by finding your annual household income in the chart below.

Income tiers
Singles ≤ $90,000 $90,001 - $105,000 $105,001 - $140,000 ≥ $140,001
Families* ≤ $180,000 $180,001 - $210,000 $210,001 - $280,000 ≥ $280,001
< Age 65 26.791% 17.861% 8.930% 0%
Age 65 – 69 31.256% 22.326% 13.395% 0%
Age 70+ 35.722% 26.791% 17.861% 0%
* For families with children, the thresholds are increased by $1500 for each child after the first child.

Reduce your tax

If you don’t have private health cover and earn above a certain income, you will be charged the Medicare Levy Surcharge. The surcharge is calculated at a rate of up to 1.5% of your income and is in addition to the Medicare Levy of 1.5%. You can avoid paying the Medicare Levy Surcharge by taking out private hospital cover.^
^HBF is not a tax agent. Seek advice from a tax agent or the ATO before taking out health cover.
Join younger and save

If you take out hospital cover by 1 July following your 31st birthday, you will avoid having to pay the Federal Government’s Lifetime Health Cover loading. What’s more, if you don’t take up hospital insurance by this time, and then decide to take it up later in life, a 2% loading will be added to your premium for every year you didn’t have hospital cover over the age of 30. So it makes good sense to take out hospital cover sooner rather than later. 

Direct debit

Electing to pay by direct debit is not only fuss-free, it will save you 4% on your premium, excluding GapSaver and Urgent Ambulance. Payments can be deducted fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually from your bank account or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). You can even arrange your payments to coincide with your pay day. 


This is a simple way to reduce your premium without reducing your level of cover. An excess is only paid when you need to stay in hospital overnight and is only paid once per adult member, per calendar year, to a maximum of twice per family policy. This means if you don’t have an overnight hospital stay, you don’t have to pay the excess. If you’re admitted to hospital several times in one year, you only pay the excess once. You don’t need to pay an excess for any dependant children on most of our policies.

You're smiles ahead with HBF

Visit an Member Plus dentist and get back more in benefits plus a free scale and clean each year, valued at around $100. We have hundreds of Member Plus dentists in WA, more than other fund, which means less out-of-pocket expenses for you.

The eyes have it

Need new prescription glasses? We have a number of Member Plus optical stores in WA where you can choose from hundreds of fully covered frames and get at least 20% off most designer frames, in addition to your usual benefit. 

Minimise out-of-pocket expenses in hospital

Being treated in hospital is worrying enough without the added concern of unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Fortunately, HBF covers the highest percentage of hospital related charges (94.3%) in WA than any other major health fund Western Australian . But to help reduce any expenses we don’t cover, you should:
  • Check if your medical practitioner has a fully covered arrangement with HBF before you go to hospital.
  • Add GapSaver to your policy.