Private health insurance report card

The Australian Medical Association have published for the first time ever a report card on what major health funds will pay out for the most common hospital procedures.

See how HBF ranks amongst all other major health funds in Australia.

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HBF rated top health fund for benefit payouts

HBF emerges as the fund with the highest benefit payouts for 9 of the 22 common Hospital procedures.

This is great news for our members as whilst all funds have recently increased their rates, for the fourth year in a row HBF's average increase (4.94%) is lower than the industry average (5.59%).

It’s all part of how we are focussed on giving MORE back to our members.

Why HBF is the choice of over 1 million Australians

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    Get more back in hospital on your doctor's bills

    On average, we cover more of your doctor’s bills in hospital for the most common hospital procedures and our members pay less out-of-pocket expenses.

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    Get more back on dental bills

    On average you’ll get more back on dental treatments with HBF than any other major health fund in Australia. Another reason you get more with HBF.

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    Get more because we’re not-for-profit

    With a lower than average rate increase than all other health funds nationally, we simply put members first. We don’t have shareholders to pay (unlike other health funds), so we give more back to the people who count…our members!

How we compare

Still not sure? Take it from our members who stay with us for longer and are happier.

We have the highest member retention rate of all major health funds.

Member Retention Graph
Source: PHIAC Financial Policy Retention December 2015

We have the highest member satisfaction of all major health funds.

Member Satisfaction Graph
Source: Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Private Health Insurance December 2015

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