Gold Hospital & Top 70 cover summary

Comprehensive hospital and extras cover for peace of mind.
Comprehensive cover for a wide range of extras and hospital services

No annual limit on both Preventative and General Restorative dental

70% or more back on a wide range of extras services

Urgent Ambulance by road

Gold Hospital

Our highest level of hospital cover, so you can have peace of mind

Key Inclusions

  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Heart and vascular system
  • Joint replacements
  • Cataracts
  • Weight loss surgery

Top 70

Top extras cover with 70% or more back across a range of extras services

Key Inclusions

  • Dental cover (Preventative, General Restorative, Major, Implants and Orthodontics)
  • Optical
  • Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy
  • Hearing Aids

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Commonly asked questions

What is health insurance?

Also known as Health cover, Health insurance is an umbrella term for the two types of insurance that can help cover your healthcare costs: Hospital insurance and Extras insurance.

With HBF, you can buy either one by themselves, or mix and match a Hospital and Extras product to create your own health cover.

You can also get insurance just for ambulance.

What is hospital insurance?

Hospital insurance, also known as hospital cover, helps cover costs when you go to hospital for surgery and other types of medical treatment.

It helps cover the cost of doctors’ and anaesthetists’ fees, as well as other hospital costs like accommodation, prostheses and theatre fees.

With hospital insurance, you can go to a private hospital for treatment, choose your own specialist and time of treatment, and gain access to a private room (so long as it’s covered on your policy and there’s one available).

What is extras insurance?

Extras insurance, also known as general treatment cover or ancillary cover, helps cover the cost of everyday healthcare services.

These can be minor services like dental check-ups, new glasses, and physio appointments, to more major services like wisdom teeth removal and dental implants.

Medicare generally doesn’t cover extras services, so extras insurance can be a way to help cover those costs.

Who does health insurance cover?

You can get health cover for yourself, you and your partner, or for your whole family. Generally, there are four categories of membership:

  • 1 adult (Single)
  • 2 adults (Couple)
  • 1-2 adults and any number of dependent* children (Family)
  • 1 adult and any number of dependent* children (Single Parent)

*A dependant is a person who doesn’t have a partner and is under the age of 18

How long can my kids stay on my family policy?

At HBF, we choose to cover your children for free if they’re on your family policy. They’ll be covered until they reach 25, provided they’re not married or living in a de-facto relationship, and are either:

  • Not earning a taxable income of more than $24 500 pa; or
  • A full-time student

Is there maternity cover with no waiting period?

No, unfortunately there isn’t. Most health funds, including HBF, have a 12-month waiting period for maternity cover. This helps stop people from signing up for health cover, claiming and leaving soon after, which drives up premiums for all other members of the health fund.

What is a not-for-profit health fund?

There are two types of health funds: not-for-profit and for-profit. A not-for-profit health fund, like HBF, uses the money it accumulates through premiums to pay for the cost of its members’ claims and to run the business. They don’t have shareholders to pay, so they can dedicate themselves to taking care of their members’ health.

Not-for-profit funds use any surplus earnings to give their members a better health care experience, which can come in the form of lower premiums or new benefits.

What is community rating?

Unlike other forms of insurance, health insurance in Australia is community-rated, not risk-rated. Health funds can’t stop someone from joining or change the price of health insurance based on risk factors like age, gender, lifestyle or physical condition.

Community rating means regardless of how likely you are to claim, everyone is entitled to pay the same base price for the same health insurance policies. It also means health funds must provide health insurance to anybody who wants it.

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