Why choose HBF Personal Valuables cover?

  • Make a claim, 24/7

    We’re here to pay claims and make your life easy in the process. Our claims team are available for you to make a claim 24/7.

  • Personal items

    Covering a wide range of personal valuables including jewellery, items containing gold or silver1, watches and furs.

  • Collections covered

    Collections of stamps, money or medals can be included in your cover.

  • Portable electronics

    Items able to be powered by battery including phones, iPads, laptops, audio visual equipment and other portable devices such as GPS and cameras2.

  • New for old replacement

    Unlike some other insurers we’ll replace your contents with new equivalents, regardless of the age of your item.

  • Sporting equipment

    Cover for sporting equipment designed to be used in a leisure activity that involves some element of physical activity or competition3.

There are two types of valuables

Other Valuables

Choose our ‘other valuables’ option which covers each item up to $2500 (or $3000 for sporting equipment). This option means you can cover a range of items without listing them individually.

Special Valuables

Or you may have a valuable item worth more than $2500, then you can select our 'special valuables' option. This option is for individual items you list on your schedule.

FAQs about Personal Valuables

With Special Valuables insurance, you can nominate an amount for your special valuable, and we’ll cover it for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia or New Zealand and anywhere in the world for up to 90 consecutive days.

Unlike Accidental Damage insurance, Personal Valuables insurance covers the full amount of your insured item. This means, if you insure a diamond ring for $8000 and then accidentally lose it, we will cover it for the full $8000 amount. Under an Accidental damage policy, the most we would pay for this item is a maximum of $2500.

Yes, cover is only available as an optional extra to Contents or Building & Contents cover.

No, valuables relate to items for non-commercial use only.


Accidents happen. Luckily, we can cover you for those too.

With HBF’s Accidental Damage Home Insurance contents cover, you can enjoy up to 90 consecutive days of Australia-wide cover for any type of accidental loss or damage to your contents – such as your mobile phone.