Say hello to the HBF App

We've redesigned our app to make it simpler and easier to manage your health cover on the go. Plus, we've added some new features too.

Screenshot of mobile app
Screenshot of mobile app claiming screen

Claim on the go

Submitting a claim has never been easier. Just answer a few questions, take a "snap" of your claim and let us do the rest. View your previous claims and track how much you have claimed.

Manage your payment details

Change your card or direct debit account, adjust payment frequency and tell us where to pay your benefits.

Keep on track

See what you’re covered for, your annual limit and view your remaining benefits for the calendar year.

Screenshot of mobile app benefits and limits screen

Keep up to date

Access policy information, claims statements and any other important notifications so you're always up to date.

Screenshot of mobile app documents screen

All your policy details in one place

Edit your email address, contact details, postal address and order a new member card for anyone on the policy.

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Access with a smile

Access all your important health information quickly and securely with Face ID, a custom pin or your fingerprint.

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Install the HBF App today!

Sounds great but I have a few questions

Can I use my face or fingerprint to login?

You must have a compatible phone where you have set up fingerprint identification or face identification. Once you have logged into the app using your myHBF login details you will be prompted to use face or fingerprint identification. This information is stored on your device and can be enabled through the app. If you decide that you no longer want to use face or fingerprint identification simply visit settings within the app and turn it off.

How do I sign up to use the HBF App?

If you are registered for myHBF, you can use your existing myHBF login to access the app. If you haven’t registered for myHBF you can either do this directly through myHBF or through the app. Once you have registered and set your password you will need to re-open the app and login.

How long does it take for a health claim to be processed?

Health claims take 3 to 5 days to be processed. Once you have submitted a claim you will receive an email confirming the submission.

What are the file requirements when submitting claims?

Scanned copies or photographs of accounts can be submitted in PDF, GIF, PNG or JPEG formats. The maximum individual file size is 6.5mb, and maximum total upload size is 7.5mb.

Note: You will be sent an email confirmation once you submit the claim.

What can I do if my app isn’t working?

If your app isn’t working check the Apple Store or Google Play to make sure that your phone and operating system meet the minimum requirements. If that isn’t the issue try deleting the app and re-installing it.

Who can claim online?

Online claiming is only available to the policy owner and partner who may submit claims for anyone listed on their policy. Note. (Dependants with authority to submit claims will not be able to use online claiming and must use other claiming methods. )

The email confirmation with the statement of benefits will be sent to the policy owner and attached to the owner's myHBF. Note.  (This is the case even if the partner submits the claim.)

Providers cannot lodge an online claim on behalf of a member.

Why can’t I see my extras limits and usage?

You must have an extras product to see this feature. If you do have an extras product and are still serving waiting periods you will see reduced information. The full set of information will become available as soon as your waiting periods have been served.