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Eligible HBF members get a no gap initial general consultation* at HBF Physio.

More than just physio, feel your best again

From stiff necks to stubborn injuries, HBF Physio clinics offer an experienced team of friendly practitioners ready to meet your physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, and massage needs with care.

Experienced team

Experienced practitioners use the latest evidence-based approaches to treat a range of conditions, with a commitment to help resolve your issue.

Personalised care

With tailored treatment options and a high standard of care, each clinic creates positive outcomes and the best experience possible.

Specialist services

More than just physiotherapy, discover specialised services such as Clinical Pilates, Paediatric Physiotherapy, Women’s and Men’s Health Services, and more.

6 days a week

Book online any time. Consults available 6 days a week, with early and late appointments available to suit your lifestyle.

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Can’t find a HBF Physio in your area? Find a nearby clinic that’s still part of the HBF family.

No gap initial consultation*

Eligible HBF members get a no gap initial consultation* at HBF Physio clinics. To check if you have access to physio benefits on your cover, always contact us or visit myHBF for a health benefit quote.

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HBF Physio FAQs

Do you offer no gap initial consultations at HBF Physio?

Yes, at HBF Physio eligible HBF members can get a no gap initial consult* with a physiotherapist.

For members with GapSaver set to apply automatically, see below.

If you hold a GapSaver product and it’s usually set to automatically apply to out-of-pocket costs, you will need to change your GapSaver preferences to be able to take full advantage of the offer. This needs to be actioned prior to your appointment and can be done on the spot at an HBF branch, or over the phone by calling 133 423 (however, we recommend allowing up to 3 business days for changes over the phone to be applied). If any GapSaver benefits are applied to your no gap initial consult, you will qualify for a $30 electronic gift card from HBF Physio, however you will need to have a current email or mobile number to receive it. Follow the link for full terms & conditions.

Why should I choose HBF Physio?

HBF Physio have experienced practitioners who use the latest evidence-based approaches to treat a range of conditions, with specialised services and tailored treatment options to suit everybody, online bookings and appointments 6 days a week.

At HBF Physio clinics, eligible HBF members can take advantage of an annual fully covered initial consult*.

What will I get back when I claim for treatment at HBF Physio?

The amount you can claim back on physio services you receive depends on the benefits and annual limits available on your cover.

Before receiving any treatment, you should contact us or go to myHBF for a health benefit quote, so you know how much you’re covered for, the benefits you’ll receive and any out-of-pocket expenses.

How do I claim at HBF Physio?

You'll be able to claim electronically at your HBF Physio clinic. Simply swipe your HBF member card when you pay and HBF will pay HBF Physio directly, on the spot. You will only have to pay the difference between the fee charged and the benefits available to you based on the cover you hold.

What services and treatments can I get at an HBF Physio?

HBF Physio provides a range of services including remedial massage, dry needling, exercise physiology, Clinical Pilates and much more specialised and tailored treatment programs. Learn about HBF Physio here.

Can I change my level of cover at an HBF Physio clinic?

You cannot make any changes to your cover at an HBF Physio clinic.

If you have questions about your cover or want to make changes, you can: