HBF Health Navigator

Providing extra support to help members navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

Helping you get well in the moments that matter

Managing health conditions like heart failure, respiratory illness and diabetes can be hard, especially after a hospitalisation. That's why HBF recognise the benefit in providing extra support to help members navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

Evidence based

Backed by international best practice strategies that have been shown to reduce hospital admissions and average time in hospital

Funded by HBF as part of your hospital cover*

HBF is committed to helping members manage their health & get well

Connecting your healthcare team

We keep in contact with your GP and other care team members to help you access the right support and resources at the right time


A dedicated Care Coordinator develops a personalised plan specific to your needs and health goals

Practical advice from qualified health professionals

Reliable support to help you better understand and manage your medicines, symptoms and risk factors

Avoid preventable hospitalisations

The goal is to help you get well and be safe at home, without unnecessary hospital stays

How to get started

  1. Registration

    Give us a call on 1300 361 423 to discuss your situation and suitability for the program or email us at healthnavigator@hbf.com.au

  2. Schedule your initial assessment

    With your consent the HBF Health Navigator team will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your initial assessment which can be done in your own home or via telephone or video conference

  3. Assessment

    A holistic health needs assessment will determine your needs and own personal goals to develop an individualised care coordination plan

  4. Begin

    Start your supported health journey to get well

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if am eligible for the program?

If you have an illness such as diabetes, asthma or heart failure and you have had a recent hospital stay, the HBF Health Navigator program may be able to support you to manage your health and avoid future hospital admissions. If you are 18 years or older and hold an eligible hospital product we may contact you to offer the program. If you don’t hear from us and think you would benefit, please call 1300 361 423 to discuss your suitability for the program.

Why is HBF offering the program?

Managing health conditions after a hospital admission can be hard, and Health Navigator aims to take the stress out of getting well again. Providing extra support to help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and be your healthiest self also helps HBF keep premiums as low as possible so that everyone benefits.

My doctor / specialist is taking good care of me, why would I also need Health Navigator?

Working with your GP is essential for good health but you have the most important role to play in your health care. Health Navigator complements the care from your usual providers and helps you to be well informed, so you can take more control of achieving better health outcomes in the long term.

How will I benefit?

Australia has one of the best health sectors in the world. However, navigating your way around it and knowing what to access can be challenging - especially when you’re not feeling your best after a hospital stay. Health Navigator provides support when you need it most - we assist in referrals to providers such as home care support and physiotherapy and help you understand some of the key things you can do for yourself to get well and stay out of hospital.

What’s involved if I do participate?

With your consent, a registered health professional (Care Coordinator) will complete a comprehensive health needs assessment which can be done in your own home or via telephone or video conference – we recommend allowing between 1-2 hours for this. This assessment helps you and the Care Coordinator to develop a plan designed to manage any major health concerns that could put you at risk of going back to hospital unnecessarily. Depending on your individual circumstances and health needs, you will be matched to a program of 4, 6 or 12 months duration and receive regular support from the Health Navigator team.

I feel like I’m managing well on my own, why would I need Health Navigator?

Managing your risk factors after a hospitalisation is really important & research tells us that after recovery from a hospital event people are at high risk even when they feel well. Health Navigator helps you to be more confident in controlling your health risk factors now and in the longer term.

Does participating in Health Navigator have any impact on my health policy premiums or benefits?

No. As the holder of an eligible health insurance policy the Health Navigator program is funded by HBF as a way to help you manage your health and wellbeing. If additional services, such as physiotherapy are recommended by your Care Coordinator, they will work with you to identify how these services may be paid for, including the use of your extras cover. Participating does not impact the premiums you pay or the benefits you are entitled to under your health insurance policy.

How does Health Navigator protect my privacy?

During the initial home visit, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form that outlines what and how any information you provide will be used. HBF Health Navigator complies with the community rating principle which mean it is illegal for private health insurance agencies to discriminate against members based on any health information collected. Our privacy policy provides more information on how we protect and respect your personal information.
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Find out more about HBF Health Navigator

If you’d like to find out more about HBF Health Navigator, call us on 1300 361 423 or email us at healthnavigator@hbf.com.au