Whitecoat healthcare directory

We’ve got the frequently asked questions covered.

Whitecoat is a healthcare provider directory and customer review website that helps consumers find, choose and review healthcare providers based on their service experience. It already carries publicly-available information about more than 35,000 registered providers (including a booking capability) and hosts more than 400,000 customer reviews.

In July 2016, we joined forces with nib and Bupa to expand the Whitecoat digital platform and provide our members with greater control and transparency over their healthcare choices. This was the first step in making Whitecoat the ‘TripAdvisor for healthcare’.

The next phase of the Whitecoat journey is underway with HBF members now being asked to submit reviews to the online comparison site after visiting a healthcare provider.

Depending on your contact details with HBF, you will receive a text message or an email inviting you to go to Whitecoat and leave a review of your experience.

You’ll be able to rate the time taken to get an appointment, the listening skills of the provider, how the treatment was explained and your likelihood to recommend as well as leave comments on your overall impression of the provider.

All reviews will be completely anonymous and only the following ancillary providers will be reviewed at this stage - dentists, opticians, physiotherapists, podiatrists and chiropractors.

Absolutely. If you don’t wish to be prompted again you can opt out of the SMS or unsubscribe from the Whitecoat email in the future.