Travel insurance

As travel restrictions are starting to ease, many of us are thinking about the next adventure. With HBF travel insurance, you can choose from 4 levels of cover to help protect you when travelling.
Please note that HBF will no longer be offering general insurance products from 1 July 2021. Learn more here.
If you get sick or injured

We’ll provide cover for the ambulance, hospital and surgery*.

If your things are lost or stolen

We'll provide cover for lost or stolen luggage, cameras, clothes and more*.

If there’s an emergency

We're available on the phone 24/7, no matter where you are in the world, to help you out in the moments that matter.

Your travel insurance, your way

Get the right cover at a price that suits your budget

International travel

There are three levels of cover to help protect you when travelling abroad:

  • Platinum: top-level cover with unlimited overseas hospital and medical costs, unlimited emergency expenses and many other great benefits
  • Premium: mid-level cover, including unlimited overseas hospital and medical costs and many other benefits
  • Essentials: affordable basic cover that includes unlimited overseas hospital and medical costs

  • Annual Multi-Trip: platinum level cover for multiple international trips within 12 months
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Australian holidays

Holidaying at home? Choose from two domestic travel plans depending on how much cover you would like for your next trip within Australia*:

  • Australian Domestic: Cover for cancelled or rescheduled travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances, accidental death and disability, certain emergency expenses, and cover for damaged or lost luggage and travel documents.
  • Domestic Cancellation Only: A basic cover option for travel within Australia, if you would just like to be covered for cancellation or rescheduling of your trip for reasons beyond your control.
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Ski / Snowboarding holidays

Hitting the slopes? Get peace of mind with our optional ski and winter sports cover, which can be added to any International Plan and the Australian Domestic Plan. You can get:*

  • Cover of costs for hiring your skis or board if yours is damaged in transit
  • Medical cover if you have a skiing accident
  • Cover for certain emergency dental expenses
  • Replacement of your snow equipment if yours is lost, damaged^ or stolen
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Cruise holidays

If you’re heading on a cruise, we have a cruise cover option available for your grand voyage, which can be added to any International Plan. You can get*:

  • Cover for every country you visit - when you list each on your policy
  • Medical and dental cover (for certain emergency dental expenses) if you have an accident
  • Cover for cancelled or rescheduled extra activities and day trips
  • Replacement of certain items that are lost, stolen or damaged
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Optional extra cover for valuables

An add-on level of protection to any of the above policies to help protect certain specified valuables that you’re taking away with you. We can cover the replacement of items such as#:

  • Cameras
  • Jewellery
  • Bicycles^
  • Ski and snowboarding gear^
  • Golf clubs^
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Conditions apply to all cover types. Please download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full terms and conditions.

Common questions

Got questions about travel insurance? We’ve got answers

Am I covered for the cancellation of travel arrangements as a result of the Coronavirus?

For policies purchased on or after 23 January 2020, there is no cover for the cancellation of travel arrangements as a result of the Coronavirus. HBF travel insurance does not provide cover for any outbreak of infectious diseases or viruses that occurred before the commencement of your policy. For more information, read our Coronavirus service message.

Are my flights covered with travel insurance?

If you need to cancel your flights due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ll reimburse you the purchase cost*. If you used frequent flyer points, we’ll pay you the value of those points. If your flights are delayed or interrupted for over 6 hours outside of your control, we can cover additional accommodation, meals and expenses incurred while you wait.

Are existing medical conditions covered?

We cover 44 pre-existing medical conditions, as listed in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), at no additional cost. To find out if your condition is covered, we’ll ask you questions when you get a quote. If your condition is not on the list, you may need to complete a medical assessment.

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Can I get cover for my expensive stuff?

The maximum amount we will pay for luggage depends on the level of cover purchased. You can choose to increase this level by specifying individual items on your policy (at an additional premium cost).

Do you cover pregnancy?

Yes, provided you are less than 24 weeks pregnant, it is a single pregnancy, there are no unexpected complications and your pregnancy was not medically assisted.

If you are more than 24 weeks pregnant, you won’t be covered for any medical treatments required due to your pregnancy. Please check with your doctor before arranging travel plans.

Can I get travel cover if I’m on a temporary visa?

If you are a temporary resident of Australia with an Australian Visa, you can still get travel insurance. (We do not cover temporary residents on tourist or working holiday visas.) Please see the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for eligibility and further information.

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