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We want you to get the best value from your health cover and there are heaps of different ways you can save by being an HBF member.

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What makes
HBF better value?

We’re for your health, not for profit

Because we don’t have shareholders to pay, we can focus on our members’ interests. We’ll only increase premiums to cover the rising cost of claims, not to make a profit. Our members get more back on hospital and dental bills, on average when compared to other major WA health funds. We also offer a great range of Momentum member benefits to keep our members healthy throughout the year. So you can be sure you’re paying a fair price and getting value for your health cover.

not for profit value

Minimise gap payments

Our GapSaver option lets you reduce or avoid paying a gap when you use your health cover. It’s a great way to boost your benefit!


Cover to suit you

Whether you're older or younger, thinking of having a baby or about to send your kids off to uni, we have cover options to suit every body. Talk to us about your health needs and budget – we’re here to help you ensure you’re not paying for services you don’t need but are covered for those you might.

value what you need

Get more back at Member Plus health partners


More back at Member Plus optical stores

If you're looking for value when choosing your glasses, visit an HBF Member Plus optical store. At least 30% of the range will be fully covered. And for items that aren't, like designer frames and extras like tinting, you'll receive a minimum 20% discount on top of your HBF benefit. HBF has more Member Plus optical stores in WA than any other major health fund.


More back at Member Plus dentists

Choose an HBF Member Plus dentist and you'll get up to 60-90% back, depending on your choice of cover, as well as a fully covered scale and clean each year. Plus if you have any kids on your policy they'll be fully covered for preventative dental. Which is great news for families. HBF has over 800 Member Plus dentists in WA, more than any other fund.

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Less out-of-pocket at Member Plus hospitals

If you have to go to hospital, you can keep out-of-pocket expenses down by choosing one of our Member Plus hospitals. HBF has more Member Plus hospitals to choose from in WA than any major fund. And HBF members are fully covered for most medical treatments in WA hospitals (82% in fact). How many specialists are fully covered for HBF members?

How many specialists are fully covered?














Pay less when you direct debit

At HBF, you can save around 4% just by using direct debit to pay your health insurance premium. Not bad, considering you'll also save time! Plus, you can save even more off your premium by paying annually, half-yearly or quarterly. The discounts apply to all cover except Urgent Ambulance and GapSaver.

Use direct debit to pay

Save by combining hospital and extras

Our combined packages cover you for hospital procedures and everyday health needs such as dental, optical and physio. Choosing to combine hospital and extras in a package is simple and often works out cheaper.

combined value

Reduce your premium by adding an excess

If you're looking for great cover but want to pay a lower premium, it's as simple as adding an excess to your hospital cover. That way you get the same level of cover at a price that's right for you.

excess premiums

Save on car, home and travel insurance

HBF offers great rates for general insurance for your car, home and travel. Plus if you add home or car insurance to your health policy, we'll reward your loyalty with a 10% discount. Add a second policy and you'll get 14.5% off both. HBF health members also get 10% off travel insurance – plus another 10% if you take it out online. With such healthy discounts, it makes sense to keep all your insurance in one place.

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Save on car, home and travel insurance

Becoming an HBF member is easy

If you’re with another health fund and switch to HBF, you won’t have to re-serve any waiting periods. No sweat!

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