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With HBF as your health partner you can feel confident you've made the right choice. Our great value products, comprehensive cover and access to free health and wellbeing programs are the reason more than 900,000 Australians have chosen HBF as their health fund.

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Why are more and more
Australians choosing HBF?

We cover more hospital costs, which means less gaps

We cover more of the total hospital bill (which includes theatre, accommodation and prostheses costs), than any other major fund in WA. On average, HBF members get 94.4% back on hospital charges, which makes less out-of-pockets, and more peace of mind for you.

We've got you covered

HBF members are fully covered for 82% of medical treatments in WA hospitals.


We're not for profit

HBF doesn’t have shareholders to pay, which means we can focus on giving as much back to our members as possible.

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We're the largest health fund in WA

HBF looks after almost a million members every day. And we’re still growing. We’ve been a proud WA local for over 70 years and with 19 branches throughout the state (more than any other fund) and a Perth based call centre, we're truly part of your community.


Member Plus Dental


We give you more back on dental

More people claim on dental than any other Essentials service - so we make sure you get back as much as possible when you visit a dentist. On average, we cover more of the dental bill than any other major fund nationally+. And most of our members have no annual limit on general dental. That's something to smile about.

+PHIO State of the Health Funds Report 2014

most trusted dentists

We have more than 900 Member Plus dentists

Of course, you can visit any dentist and receive a benefit. But if you visit a Member Plus practitioner you’ll get lower out-of-pocket expenses, along with a fully covered scale and clean each calendar year. And no gap on preventative dental for kids on your policy (up to your annual maximum if you have maximums on your cover).

We cover children for no extra charge

If you've got a family, chances are you're balancing a budget. We understand what it's like, which is why we cover kids on most family policies* for no extra charge.

We offer more choice to mums to be

Our goal is to offer the best maternity cover in WA. If you're expecting, you’ll have over 100 fully covered obstetricians and some outstanding private maternity hospitals to choose from. We’ll also cover the cost of your partner staying over, because you'll definitely need an extra pair of hands!


Out of work doesn’t have to mean out-of-pocket

If you become unemployed, we won’t abandon you. We'll cover you for between three and nine months at no charge. Hopefully that's long enough for you to get back on your feet. Some conditions apply, so please talk to us for details.

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We work harder to keep our members happier

We have more than half a million members who’ve been with us for more than a decade. More people stay with HBF and fewer people complain to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman about HBF than any other fund, relative to our market share. Which tells us we’re doing a great job – but we’re always looking for ways to be even better for our members.


We offer more discounts and freebies

We keep our members happy and healthy with a range of fitness and wellbeing initiatives, including free fitness training sessions, discounted entry to community events like HBF Run for a Reason, and exclusive HBF discounts on movie tickets.


Friendlies After Hospital Support

If you’ve got an upcoming hospitalisation, fill out our online referral form to request a free phone consultation with a Friendlies pharmacist. They’ll assess your post-hospital needs, chat to you about the best way to manage your medications, and organise any equipment or aids you may need after your hospital treatment or procedure.


Becoming an HBF member is easy

If you’re with another health fund and switch to HBF, you won’t have to re-serve any waiting periods. No sweat!

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