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Why choose Flex 60?

60% back

Get 60% or more back every time you claim


Use your $1,000 annual limit how you want across a range of services


Choose any health provider and get a benefit of 60% or more back

Look after your health, your way

Service inclusions:

$220 annual limit for Optical
Urgent Ambulance
No annual limit for Urgent Ambulance by road 1

A combined annual limit of $1,000 to use on:

Preventative Dental
Restorative Dental
General Restorative Dental
Major Dental and Implants
Remedial Massage / Myotherapy
Remedial Massage / Natural Therapies^
Healthy Living Programs
Healthy Living Programs
Pharmaceuticals (non PBS)
Pharmaceuticals (non PBS)
Exercise Physiology
Exercise Physiology

Extras cover your way

Both Flex 60 and Flex 50 cover the same great range of extras services.

The difference is that Flex 60 offers higher limits and benefits.

So, no matter which level of cover you need, we've got a flexible option for you.

Compare your Flex options

from $5.69 per week
50% or more back every time you claim
$800 combined annual limit to use on included services^
$200 annual limit for Optical
from $7.24 per week
60% or more back every time you claim
$1,000 combined annual limit to use on included services^
$220 annual limit for Optical

Choice, control and value

We've redesigned our extras cover to give you more choice, control and value.

What do we mean by choice? Well, you can get a great benefit at any provider of your choice. No more switching your physio or chiro just to get more back!

What do we mean by control? Well, with combined annual limits on popular services you can control where and how you use your limits.

What do we mean by value? Well, have a look at our extras cover and see for yourself.

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Commonly asked questions

How much will I get back?

The amount you can claim back on extras services depends on your benefits (the amount you get back when you claim) and your annual limits (the maximum amount you can claim in a year).

Nearly all extras insurance policies only cover services to a limited extent, which means you’ll usually pay for some of the service out of your own pocket.

But extras insurance is still worth it because Medicare generally doesn’t cover extras services, so without it you’d have to cover the full cost of treatment.

What does extras insurance cover?

The specific extras services you’re covered for depends on your health fund, level of cover and the specific policy you choose. Here are some examples of common services extras insurance can cover:

  • Dental treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Optical - Glasses and contact lenses
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Podiatry

What does extras insurance not cover?

There are some situations where your health fund cannot pay a benefit (because they legally can’t), but Medicare will.

For example, a visit to a doctor outside of hospital, like a General Practitioner (GP), will never be covered by health insurance, no matter what fund you’re with – that’s covered by Medicare.

Consultation fees for a doctor or a specialist appointment outside of hospital, tests and examinations like x-rays or blood tests and eye tests by an optometrist are common situations where your health fund won't pay a benefit but Medicare will.

What is a lifetime limit?

A lifetime limit is the total amount you can claim for a service over the course of your lifetime. That means, once you’ve claimed up to your lifetime limit, either at HBF or through claims at another health insurer, you won’t ever be able to claim again, even if you upgrade your level of cover with HBF. Each person on your policy has their own lifetime limits. A lifetime limit applies to orthodontics on some HBF Extras covers.

What is an annual limit?

An annual limit is the maximum amount of money you can claim for a service within a calendar year. Each person on your policy has their own annual limits.

When can I start using my extras insurance?

When you buy extras insurance for the first time, if you haven’t had continuous cover, or if you’ve just upgraded to a higher level of cover, there will generally be a waiting period you need to serve before you can claim.

Waiting periods for extras vary between health funds, but with HBF most services have a 2-month waiting period, while more high-cost services (like Major Dental) have a waiting period of 12 months or more.

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