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Dental, optical, physio and more – extras cover helps pay for the everyday services that can really add up.

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Get 50% or more back with Flex 50 Extras

Our Flex 50 Extras take the guesswork out of claiming and keep your out-of-pockets to a minimum.

  • Get 50% or more back on every claim, at the provider of your choice.
  • Use an HBF Member Plus Provider to reduce your out-of-pocket costs even further.
  • Get $800 to split how you like across 12 popular services^

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Basic Extras

Extras cover for 7 services including General Dental, Optical, Physio and more.

Each person covered gets their own annual limits for extras.

Flex 50

$800 flexible limit to use how you like across 12 services^, plus 50% or more back on every claim.

Each person covered gets their own annual limits for extras.

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Why trust HBF for your health insurance

We're not-for-profit

We’re one of the largest not-for-profit health funds in Australia and with no shareholders to pay, we focus on giving more back to our members.

We’ve been in the business of health since 1941

We’ve got over 80 years’ experience supporting our members’ health and wellbeing.

Mix and match

Mix and match our hospital and extras products to create cover that’s right for you.

HBF health members also get access to great discounts and health programs

  • Join the gym for less with discounts on gym membership4
  • Work out in style with discounts on fitness apparel4
  • We’ll help you get well with telephone health coaching and other free health programs5
  • Protect your health with a fully covered flu vaccination every year4

Do you need hospital, extras or both?

Health cover is just an umbrella term for two types of health insurance—Hospital cover and extras cover. Find out what you need with this quick guide.

Hospital cover

Covers you when you’re admitted to hospital, and will help pay for things like specialist fees, accommodation and theatre fees.

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Extras cover

Covers a bunch of everyday health care services Medicare generally doesn’t, like dental, glasses and physio.

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Combined hospital and extras

If you’d like cover for hospital and extras, you can mix and match our products to create your own combined health cover.

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Get more with HBF extras cover

  • Flexible extras cover. Flex 50 Extras and Flex 60 Extras let you split your limit how you like across 12 popular services.^
  • Massive provider network including thousands of HBF Member Plus providers who help you minimise your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Get 100% back on your first dental scale and clean each year.5

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You can get any of our extras cover options by itself – without hospital cover.

Or, you can mix and match any extras with any of our hospital cover options.

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How does extras cover work?

Extras insurance provides cover for everyday health care services that Medicare doesn't generally pay a benefit towards, such as visiting a dentist or physiotherapist. HBF offers five levels of extras cover, ranging from basic to more comprehensive cover. What you can claim for, and what benefits are available to you, depends entirely on the cover option you choose.

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When you purchase extras cover for the first time or update your policy, you'll likely need to serve a waiting period. A waiting period is a set amount of time during which you can't claim benefits. Once your waiting periods have been served, you'll be able to claim on the services on your cover.

Once you're ready to claim on a service covered by your policy, you can either claim on-the-spot at your provider via HICAPS (if available) or submit your claim to HBF via the following methods:

We'll review your claim and pay you any benefits you're entitled to.

What are the benefits of extras cover?

Also known as ancillary cover or extras cover, extras insurance helps cover some or all of the costs for everyday healthcare services including things like dental check-ups, physio appointments and glasses or contacts. Extras cover can be a good thing to have because Medicare generally doesn’t cover extras services, so without extras cover you’d have to cover the full cost of treatment every time you receive a service.

If you wear glasses or contacts, or if you regularly pay for services such as the physio, chiro, dentist, remedial massage or similar, extras cover could help cover your costs.

What are the waiting periods on extras cover?

Waiting periods for extras vary between health funds, but with HBF most services have a two-month waiting period, while more high-cost services (like major dental) have a waiting period of 12 months or more.

Can I purchase HBF Extras cover only?

Yes. With HBF, you can purchase extras cover on its own. Extras insurance helps cover some or all of the costs for everyday healthcare services including things like dental check-ups, physio appointments and glasses or contacts. These services are generally not covered by Medicare.

Can my partner and I just get two single health cover policies?

Yes. As a couple, you have the option of getting couples health insurance (so you’re both covered on the same policy) or a singles health insurance policy each. It’s entirely up to you and what best suits your needs.

If you need pregnancy and birth cover, you can buy a singles health insurance policy with pregnancy and birth, and one without. When your baby arrives, you can then transition to family health cover, so you, your partner and your new baby can all be covered on the same policy.

Is couples health insurance cheaper than buying two singles health cover policies?

It depends on your health fund and the health cover you choose. With HBF, a couples health cover policy just costs double the price of a singles health cover policy (before applying the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance or Lifetime Health Cover loading).

When do singles need to leave family cover?

If you’re on your parents’ health cover, we will cover you on their policy until you turn 25 provided you’re not married or in a de-facto relationship and are either:

  • studying fulltime, or;
  • earning less than $24,500 per year.

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