One For Women

If you’re thinking about starting a family or you’re expecting, HBF now have an arrangement with One For Women to help reduce some of the out of pocket costs associated with antenatal, maternity and postnatal care for eligible HBF members.

HBF and One For Women

At HBF we understand that for most people, getting ready to have a baby can be both exciting and overwhelming.

One For Women are a WA-based maternity service that provides health care for pregnancy and the birth of your baby, as well as medical treatment and nursing support for mums and babies after birth.

HBF members who hold pregnancy and birth cover (excluding Standard Overseas Visitors cover), have satisfied their 12 month waiting period and satisfy One For Women's clinical eligibility criteria may be able to receive One For Women's standard package of care described below with no or lower out of pocket costs depending on your hospital cover and if no complications arise during your pregnancy journey.

How One For Women can help

If you are eligible, and you choose to participate, One For Women's standard package of care includes:

  • Antenatal consultations

    Standard antenatal consultations with midwives and GP Obstetricians at One For Women's clinic being bulk-billed.

  • Antenatal classes

    Two antenatal classes for you and your partner prior to the delivery of your baby with no out of pocket costs.

  • Private delivery

    Delivery of your baby in a participating private hospital with the One for Women Specialist or GP Obstetrician on call at the time of birth. Please see the FAQs below for a list of participating private hospitals and some of the out of pocket costs that may apply (such as any hospital excess or anaesthetist costs (if required)).

  • Postnatal care

    Up to two midwife visits or phone calls within 7 days of discharge from hospital with no out of pocket costs. Comprehensive fourth trimester education program to support you and your baby with a choice of up to four one-hour postnatal classes with no out of pocket costs.

Please note that out of pocket costs may still apply if you participate in the One For Women service. Please see the FAQs below regarding the types of out of pocket costs you may experience. We recommend that you contact HBF about any fees you might incur before, during and after the delivery of your baby.

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How to get started

If you’re planning to have a baby or want more information about the services offered by One For Women, please contact One For Women. To access the One For Women service, follow these simple three steps:

  1. Contact One For Women

    Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant and have spoken with HBF regarding your cover, contact One For Women to arrange your initial consultation with a GP Obstetrician.

  2. Visit a One For Women clinic

    A GP Obstetrician from One For Women will review your medical history and assess your eligibility for the One For Women service, and if this is service is suited to you, together with the Specialist or GP Obstetrician design your pregnancy care plan.

  3. Begin your antenatal care

    Once you have confirmed your pregnancy care plan you will commence your antenatal care with One For Women.

Thinking about having a baby?

HBF has cover to suit your needs including hospital cover for pregnancy and birth. Waiting periods apply.

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FAQ’s about One For Women

What level of cover do I need to get access to the One For Women standard package of care with no or lower out of pocket costs?

You will need to hold HBF hospital cover which includes pregnancy and birth other than Standard Overseas Visitors cover.

A 12-month waiting period applies and must be served before benefits are payable.

Which members qualify for the One For Women standard package of care with no or lower out of pocket costs?

Members who:

  • Hold cover for pregnancy and birth (other than Standard Overseas Visitors cover) and have served the 12 month waiting period for pregnancy and birth; and
  • Meet clinical criteria as specified and discussed with One for Women.

Which hospitals are One For Women services available?

  • St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital;
  • St John of God Murdoch Hospital; and
  • Joondalup Private Hospital

For further information regarding services please contact One For Women.

What out of pockets may I experience?

You may experience a number of out of pocket costs if participating in the One For Women service. Some examples are:

  • Depending on your hospital cover, an excess may apply for your hospital admission.
  • Scans other than those carried out in One for Women rooms (for example Anatomical; 3D/4D scans at approx. 22 weeks). These are available with different providers and out of pocket costs range from approximately $50 - $150
  • Blood tests requiring inpatient admission at hospital (capped at approximately $40 per admission)
  • Anaesthetist costs (if caesarean delivery or epidural is required) unless the anaesthetist has an agreement with HBF under which HBF agrees to fully cover the anaesthetist's costs
  • If your baby requires treatment from a paediatrician following birth but is not required to be admitted as a hospital patient, a cost may be incurred for this treatment.

The above is not an exhaustive list. We recommend that you contact HBF and One for Women about any fees you might incur before, during and after the delivery of your baby.

What is the difference between a General Practitioner (GP) Obstetrician and Specialist Obstetrician?

The One For Women team consists of a variety of health professionals, including Obstetricians, Gynaecologists (also referred to as Specialist Obstetricians) and GP Obstetricians. Most of the One For Women team of obstetricians are certified by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG). RANZCOG explains the difference between a Specialist Obstetrician and a GP Obstetrician as set out here: Who is your O&G doctor? Please contact One For Women directly if you would like further details regarding the qualifications of any member of the One For Women team.

Specialist: Most specialist obstetrician-gynaecologists in Australia and New Zealand are Fellows of RANZCOG. A RANZCOG Fellow has completed the specialist training program or, if trained overseas, has been assessed by RANZCOG as being equivalent to a locally trained specialist. Doctors who hold this qualification are entitled to use the letters FRANZCOG after their name. Specialists typically work in a specialist private practice or as a consultant in a hospital; commonly both. A specialist holds the overall responsibility for care of each patient referred to them. Specialists may lead a team of trainee doctors and are responsible for their training, as well as managing the patients that the trainee doctors see. They also have managerial, educational and organisational roles and will usually have a special area of interest.

GP Obstetricians (Diplomates and Certificants): Diplomates are medical practitioners who have completed additional training in Obstetrics and Women’s Health.

  • Advanced Diplomates have completed a minimum of 12 months training and assessment in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. They are usually general practitioners who provide obstetric services in rural and remote locations as well as providing general and emergency medical care to their community. They are competent to deal with most obstetric complications, can perform Caesarean Sections and procedural deliveries as well as minor gynaecological procedures.
  • Diplomates have completed a minimum of 6 months training and assessment. They are usually general practitioners who work in regional, rural or urban locations and provide obstetric care (antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal) in low risk women under supervision or with specialist or advanced Diplomate support nearby. Some Diplomates develop career pathways in other areas of women’s health such as family planning.
  • Certificants have completed 3 months of training and assessment to achieve a Certificate in Women’s Health (CWH). They are usually general practitioners working in various locations who are competent to provide shared antenatal and postnatal care, contraception advice and manage most office based women’s health concerns. Some Certificants move on to RANZCOG fellowship training.

Will I be able to choose my obstetrician?

The One For Women offering relies on a mix of GP obstetricians and midwives caring for the patient throughout her maternity journey and a specialist or GP obstetrician on call at the time to assist in the delivery. This means that:

  • when you have health check-ups during your pregnancy, you may see a different midwife or GP obstetrician each time. It generally depends on who is on duty at the time; and
  • while your delivery will take place in a participating private hospital, you cannot choose which specialist or GP obstetrician delivers your baby and you may not have met the specialist or GP obstetrician who will assist in the delivery prior to birth.