Are health cover extras worth it?


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31 January 2020

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People usually think of private health cover as a single product. But when you start shopping around, you’ll find it’s actually split into two categories called hospital and extras.

Hospital cover helps pay for hospital expenses. The value of hospital insurance includes help paying medical bills, the ability to choose your hospitals and doctors, avoiding public wait times, avoiding government surcharges and of course, peace of mind.

Extras cover helps pay for non-hospital treatments like dental, optical and physio. The value of extras insurance includes staying healthy, recovering from injury, and reducing out-of-pocket expenses from everyday services that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Is Extras cover worth it for me?

Visiting the dentist, replacing glasses or contacts, repeat visits to a physio or chiro – these costs can really add up. This is where Extras comes in.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, it’s definitely worth considering extras.

  • Do you wear glasses or contacts?
  • Do you want money back on visits to the dentist? (And not just regular check-ups: are you worried about wisdom teeth, or does anyone in your family need braces?)
  • Do you commonly receive physiotherapy, chiropractic services, occupational therapy, remedial massage, or similar services?
  • Do you or does anyone in your family have specific health requirements, like speech or hearing difficulties, that could be covered under Extras?

There are other reasons people use extras cover, but these are some of the most common considerations.

What do people use extras for the most?

Have a look at the claims made by HBF members aged 35 – 44 in 2018.

Claims data: Preventative dental claims (308,614), Physio claims (142,832),Chiro claims (119,493),Glasses claims (52,990), Contacts claims (19,399)

*Based on 2018 claims data for HBF members aged between 35 and 44 years old. Service eligibility, benefit back per claim and annual limits will vary depending on selected Extras product.

It’s dental, physio, optical and chiro that top the charts – but remember that these are only a few of the treatments that can be covered under Extras.

Extras can also cover services like psychology, occupational therapy, nutritionists, podiatry and hearing aids.

Make sure to check out a full list of services and cover options before you make a decision.

How and where should I buy extras cover?

Buying extras cover is simple; you just need to find the right cover for you or your family. There are low-cost options that provide basic cover for the most utilised services, and more comprehensive options designed to give total peace of mind.

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When you’re deciding which cover is best for you, don’t just look at the services you need. Make sure you check out the limits and benefits too, so you can figure out how much you’ll get back when you make a claim.

You can find more useful information in our 4 steps to buying extras cover guide.