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Health insurance

Switch to HBF

We can help you transfer your cover today.

Every health insurer is different. As a not for profit member based fund, we strive to provide our members with access to the best personal health service possible.

According to the 2012 State of the Health Funds report, HBF has more hospital charges covered in WA compared to other major health funds.

If you're switching to HBF from another Australian health insurer, for a limited time, we will recognise your full length of membership with your current health fund. Please note that if you’ve already used some or all of your annual Essentials benefits with your former fund, we’ll need to adjust the balance of your Essentials benefits to reflect this.

It’s a no fuss process as we’ll contact them to arrange the transfer, making the switch as easy for you as possible.

Get a quote to switch now

Or call us on 6211 1882.

Choose the right cover

Wherever you are in life, we have a product to match what you are looking for.

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Use our product selector to calculate and compare the cost of your cover.

Buy online

You can join online today, visit your nearest branch or you can call us. 

Why choose HBF?

If you choose to switch your health insurance to HBF, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve joined the fund who already looks after more than 900,000 members. You’ll benefit from:
  • 94.3% of hospital related charges covered in WA, which is a higher percentage than any other major health fund (Source: The State of the Health Funds report 2012).
  • Up to 90% back and one fully covered scale and clean each year when you visit an HBF Member Plus dentist.
  • Plus, there's no gap to pay for kids on your Essentials and Packages policies for general dental services at Member Plus dentists.
  • Fully covered glasses at HBF Member Plus optical stores as well as a 20% discount on most designer frames.
  • More HBF Member Plus hospitals in WA than any other health fund.

When you transfer from another fund

We will cover you for the same level of cover you had with your previous health fund, as long as you have:
  • Already served the relevant waiting periods.
  • Have transferred within two months of your financial date with your previous fund.
To make sure you get the same level of cover, you just need to:
  • Complete this form and we’ll use it to get your clearance certificate from your previous fund.
  • Make sure you pay your new HBF policy from the financial date shown on the clearance certificate.

Plus, you'll enjoy:

  • Access to more HBF Member Plus dentists and branches in WA than any other health fund. We also have many HBF Member Plus optical stores in WA that you can visit.
  • A maximum of 12 months length of membership, which means you may be entitled to the same annual maximums as a member who has been with us for a year, depending on how long you have been with your previous health fund. For a limited time we’ll recognise full length of membership with your previous insurer, so now is a great time to switch and keep all those benefits.
  • Immediate benefits if you have served your waiting periods with your previous health fund.
  • Not necessarily having to serve any extra waiting periods.