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Looking for an HBF Member Plus provider?

You can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by claiming benefits at any of our Member Plus providers. Find an HBF Member Plus dental, medical and optical provider using the above search tool.

Please use these links below for Member Plus hospital and Online optical providers.

Member Plus hospitals Online optical providers Friendlies Pharmacies

Important information

This information is provided as a guide only and cannot be relied upon for the purposes of submitting a claim.

  • This list is not complete. Some providers may have requested to be excluded from the list.
  • The accuracy of this information is dependent on the provision of any updated information from providers and thus its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. You are advised to obtain a quote directly from your provider prior to commencing treatment.
  • If you have an itemised quote from your provider and wish to know the amount you'll receive please call us.
  • We claim no affiliation or association with any named provider.
  • Providers have not necessarily consented to the listed information being provided.