Percentage back vs set benefits extras – so how much do I get back?


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10 August 2023

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If you’ve spotted a psychic quokka and his crystal ball around town, it’s best not to rely on him for future foresight – he recently predicted dinosaurs on Flinders Street in Melbourne. There is however some certainty to celebrate - we’re talking about HBF Extras and set percentage back options

At HBF, we offer set percentage back products as well as options with set benefits – and there may be pros and cons to both, depending on your circumstances. So, what’s the difference between percentage back policies and set benefits, and what’s best for you? Keep reading, we predict you’ll have some clarity in just under 4 minutes.

Let’s delve into the difference

When we talk about both ‘percentage back’ and ‘set benefits’ – we’re referring to how much money you get back when you use a service that is covered by your extras policy. Holding HBF Extras cover can help with some or all of the costs of a range of services from dental to psychology, exercise physiology to speech therapy, and even a range of supportive health programs.

Already with HBF?

HBF extras policies have per person limits and NO membership limit restrictions. That’s right, no sharing required here.

If you’ve been with HBF for some time (*high-five*) you may be covered by a policy that provides you set benefits each calendar year to put toward individual extras services – rather than a set percentage back.

There’s more on this below but we also encourage you to get to know your cover via your product sheet, which can be easily found via the HBF App or myHBF.

To view your product sheets, simply:

  • Login to the HBF App ⇒ Cover ⇒ Product name ⇒ Brings up your Product Sheet(s) ⇒ Open the PDF to check what your product covers
  • Login to myHBF ⇒ View policy details ⇒ Product details ⇒ View product sheet to check what your product covers

Percentage back extras cover

While your health insurer can’t cover all your health costs – at HBF our set percentage back policies mean you always know what you’re going to get back at your treatments.

There’s a lot to love about knowing the percentage you’re going to get back when you visit a provider. There's that ‘no surprises’ feeling that we like to call certainty, plus there’s no need to cover your eyes when you claim – if you have one of our percentage back policies, have served your waiting periods, and haven't yet reached your annual limit, you're set to receive a percentage back on the cost of your service.

The percentage you receive back will vary depending on your policy (for example, it could be 50%, 60% or 70%).

For example, you might decide since taking up footy in your 40s that regular physio is a high priority, and knowing you’ll get a set percentage back each visit is important to you so you can include it in your budgeting. After taking into consideration how remedial massage helped you recover from an injury, and the fact you wear glasses – you decide that Flex 60 and a minimum of 60% back on visits is the best cover for your needs.

You can view our extras options here, with both set benefits and percentage back options including Basic, Flex 50, Flex 60, Complete 60, and Top 70.

Set benefits extras cover

The amount you get each year with your extras policy is called your 'annual limit' then the 'set benefit' is the amount you get with each visit. Policies with set benefits have a dollar amount you get back each visit set against each service, with an annual limit set for that service too.

For example, you might get $500 worth of Physio – and $32 back each visit.

If you’re feeling cloudy rather than clear on certainty – never fear, we’re only a phone call away. Call us on 133 423 with all your extra questions on extras.

Flexibility for the win!

Learn more about HBF extras cover and that ‘flexible-feeling’ of having the freedom to use your extras limits your way and not having to share with your nearest and dearest on your policy.

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This article contains general information only and does not take into account the health, personal situation or needs of any person. In conjunction with your GP or treating health care professional, please consider whether the information is suitable for you and your personal circumstances.

Across all HBF products and services, benefits are payable up to applicable annual limits and only for services and programs approved by HBF and delivered by providers that are approved by HBF.

Waiting periods may apply before benefits are payable.

*A $250 sub-limit applies to Natural Therapies (includes Remedial Massage).