Lending a hand

At HBF, we’re here for you if you need us. If you or a family member needs support, we're here to help.

HBF is committed to being there for our members in the moments that matter

So, if you need us, we’re here to help you manage anything relating to your cover; from your health, finances, managing the people on your policy, to accessibility or communication challenges.

We’ve pulled together a collection of information and resources that members may find useful or can be accessed if you need a bit of extra help.

Many of us will experience hard times at some point in life

15%of Australian households experienced financial stress in 2015-16 1
17.5% of Australians have reported having a mental or behavioural condition in 2017-18 2
18% of Australians lived with a disability in 2018 3
47% of Australians had one or more chronic conditions in 2017-18 4