7 yoga poses to boost your morning routine


2 minutes

06 May 2024

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your energy in the mornings – have you considered giving yoga a try?

The stretching, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practiced in yoga help to increase blood flow, oxygenate the body, and release tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised for the day ahead1.

Plus, studies have shown that yoga can help improve your strength and flexibility, and regular practice may help reduce aches and pains, high blood pressure, stress and symptoms of depression2.

In this blog, yoga teacher Megan Sanderson guides us through a simple yoga sequence to get you feeling your best for the day ahead.

Remember to always exercise safely. Before starting a new exercise routine, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor, especially if you have any existing injuries or health issues.

Young woman practising forward fold in yoga

1. Forward fold

  • Find your way into a standing position at the front of the mat. Take a deep breath in and reach your hands up towards the sky.
  • As you breathe out, fold forward and place the palms of your hands on the mat. You can bend your knees if you like.
  • Let yourself hang over your knees for five to 10 full breaths.
Young woman practising downward dog pose in yoga

2. Downward dog

  • Take a step back into downward facing dog, with your hips lifted high in the air, your back long and straight, and your hands shoulder-width apart. Your chin should be tucked in.
  • Hold this pose for five to 10 full breaths.
Young woman practising warrior 1 pose in yoga

3. Warrior 1

  • On your next inhale, raise your right leg up towards the sky.
  • As you exhale, step the right foot forward onto the mat between your hands.
  • Drop the back foot down.
  • Take a big breath in and rise up, reaching your arms up towards the sky. This is warrior 1.
  • Breathe out and settle into the pose, your gaze forward.
  • Stay here for five to 10 breaths.
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Young woman practising warrior 2 pose in yoga

4. Warrior 2

  • Take a breath in to prepare.
  • As you exhale, spread your arms out wide. Gaze out over your middle finger.
  • Hold this pose for five to 10 breaths.

Young woman practising reverse warrior pose in yoga

5. Reverse warrior

  • Breathe in.
  • As you breathe out, flip your palm to face you and lift your right arm up. Your left hand comes to rest at the back of your left thigh.
  • Gaze up towards the sky and feel the stretch in the side of your body.
  • Stay for five to 10 breaths.
Young woman practising downward dog pose in yoga

6. Downward dog

  • When you’re ready, cartwheel your arms down to the floor. Step the front leg back and come back into downward facing dog.
  • Stay here for five to 10 breaths.
Young woman practising warrior 1 pose in yoga

Warrior 1, warrior 2 and reverse warrior on the other side

  • Repeat the warrior sequence on the other side of the body (left leg coming forward).
  • Finish in downward dog and rest for five to 10 breaths.

Young woman practising child's pose in yoga

7. Child’s pose

  • Once you’ve completed your warrior sequence on both sides, come down to your knees.
  • Fold forward into child’s pose, either with your knees together or spread out wide. Stretch your arms out long and tuck your chin into your chest, your forehead resting on the mat.
  • Rest here for five to 10 full breaths.
Young woman sitting on a yoga mat.

To finish your practice, move into a comfortable seated position. Gently close your eyes and notice any changes in your body and mind. Take a deep breath in and out, then slowly open your eyes and return to your day or evening.

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