A refreshing new dental service from HBF

Introducing dental care provided by WA’s trusted health insurer. That’s refreshing!

It's dental care, cleaned and polished

In 2021, HBF Dental centres opened in WA. At HBF Dental, you’ll experience the high standard of care and personalised service you’d expect from HBF when you need it.

7 days a week

Online bookings and appointments available 7 days a week to suit your busy lifestyle.

Leading technology

Our brand new centres are fitted with leading technology to help detect and fix problems sooner.

Known or no gap

Eligible* HBF members will have a known gap, or even better, no gap on all your preventative dental services.

Scale and clean

Depending on your extras cover, you could be eligible for one fully covered scale and clean each year!*

Where can you find a HBF Dental Centre?


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Bull Creek

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Member Plus benefits

All HBF Dental centres are part of the Member Plus network. That means eligible HBF health members get access to these benefits when they receive treatment from an HBF Dental centre. For more information refer to our Member Plus page.

HBF Dental FAQs

Why should I choose HBF Dental?

HBF Dental centres are HBF Member Plus dental providers. HBF Dental centres offer leading technology, with experienced practitioners and online bookings and appointments 7 days a week.

What will I get back when I claim for dental treatment received at an HBF Dental centre?

The amount you can claim back on dental services you receive depends on the benefits and annual limits available on your cover.

When you claim for preventative dental services you receive from an HBF Dental centre, you can claim between 75% and 100% on most HBF covers.

Before receiving any treatment, you should contact us or go to myHBF for a health benefit quote, so you know how much you’re covered for, the benefits you’ll receive and any out-of-pocket expenses.

How do I claim from HBF Dental?

You'll be able to claim electronically at your HBF Dental centre. Simply swipe your HBF member card when you pay and HBF will pay HBF Dental directly, on the spot. You will only have to pay the difference between the fee charged and the benefits available to you based on the cover you hold.

What treatments can I get at an HBF Dental centre?

HBF Dental provides a range of services including preventative, restorative, orthodontics and major dental and implants. Learn more about HBF Dental here.

Can I change my level of cover at an HBF Dental centre?

No, you can’t make any changes to your cover at an HBF Dental centre.

If you have questions about your cover or want to make changes, you can: