HBF Community

HBF is proudly West Australian. We're committed to giving back to our community and bettering the health of all West Australians.
Enriching the lives of our employees

Our people lend a hand through volunteer work and, often, reach into their own pockets to support causes that are close to their hearts.

Giving back to the community

We look for ways to help improve the health of West Australians through our Community Partnerships Program and local Community Grants.

Improving the health of WA

We support initiatives that will make a tangible and lasting difference to the health of West Australians.

HBF initiatives in the WA community

Our heritage in WA runs deep, so we gladly accept that we must be more than just a trusted health insurer for our members.
workplace-volunteering Workplace Volunteering HBF employees roll up their sleeves and help a variety of not-for-profit organisations and health related causes.
workplace-giving Workplace Giving Empowering our employees to nominate local, charitable organisations to donate a portion of their wages to. Donations are matched dollar for dollar by HBF.
angels HBF Angels A dedicated team of HBF employees who organise and engage all HBF employees in fundraising events and donation drives for local charities across Western Australia.
blood-donors Workplace Blood Donors A growing number of HBF employees are regular donors to the Red Cross Blood Service.

Our contribution by the numbers

$10 mill
Amount raised by HBF Run for a Reason in 10 years for WA health charities
Donated to Telethon
Donated to local charities for programs and initiatives that benefit the health of West Australians
Donated to small local charities through Workplace Giving
Lives saved through blood and plasma donations
I received a life-saving blood transfusion after a severe car accident. I never thought I would need a blood transfusion but because of donors like those from HBF, I survived.
Teresa Kenny,
Red Cross blood donation recipient

What is the difference between the Community Partnerships & Grants?

Our Community Partnership awards significant funding (up to $300,000, over three years) to one recipient annually. We award multiple Community Grants (once-only funding up to $10,000) throughout the year.

What initiatives would qualify for Community Partnership Funding?

We are looking for opportunities to support and partner with initiatives that make a lasting and tangible positive difference to the health of West Australians. Examples may include a technological advancement or a health-focused catalytic program that improves quality of life for Western Australians.

 What initiatives would qualify for Community Grants funding?

We support a range of initiatives, of all sizes, that are making a positive difference to the health of West Australians. Funding surfing lessons for kids with autism to equipment for mobile ear testing clinics and a wheelchair friendly garden in our regional areas are just some examples.