Password tips for better security

Protect your accounts from cybercriminals in three easy steps.


Make your passwords strong

Not all passwords are equal. When you choose a password, make it:

Long: The longer your password, the better. You can increase the strength of your password simply by making it longer.

Unpredictable: A strong password is hard to predict. Birthdays or names don't make great passphrases as they can be easier to guess. It is also predictable to have spaces between words, a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end. Using a mix of capitals, numbers and special characters is more unpredictable and makes stronger passwords.


Consider using a passphrase

Again, all passwords are easier to crack these days. But there’s a quick workaround – the passphrase.

What is a passphrase?

  • A passphrase is when you use a series of words as your password.
  • For example: ‘dancing in the rain’ or ‘do you remember last september’.
  • Use a string of at least 4 words.
  • Passphrases are easy to use, but hard to crack.
  • If you need to add numbers and special characters, you can just chuck them on the end of the phrase.

Use a passphrase


Use a different password or passphrase for each important account

Protect your most important accounts, like banking and primary email, by giving each a unique passphrase.

Use different passwords

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