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We're making some changes,
here's why and how

Our members' needs have evolved, and we need to keep pace.
Right now, we’re focusing on three core areas of our business.



We’re working hard to become as efficient as possible, so we can keep HBF health cover affordable.

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We know that health insurance is confusing, so we’re making it easier to understand and use our products and services.

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Member service

We’ve made a conscious decision to focus more on looking after our existing members than acquiring new ones.

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While rising healthcare costs continue to drive up premiums, internally, we’ve been making changes that will help us keep future premium increases to a minimum.


Reducing our
operating costs

Today our expenses are lower thanks to savings from ending sponsorships, closing branches where member demand had fallen, and internal restructuring to create a flatter, more efficient management structure.


with brokers

We saved money by ending our arrangements with comparison sites like iSelect and Compare the Market, which involved paying high commissions to gain new members.


Branching out
at head office

We’ve saved money by relocating our Perth City branch into our head office. We also plan to lease three floors of our head office premises to provide income that we’ll use to further reduce our operating costs and the pressure on members' premiums.



Product changes

We’ve been making changes to our Hospital products, ensuring higher cost procedures are only covered on higher level products where they don’t push up premiums for everyone.

We have also completely redesigned our extras products, which now offer more value, choice and control to our members.


We know that health insurance is still too confusing. We’re making changes to make it easier for people to understand our products, what they are covered for, and choose the health cover that’s right for them.



Health cover.
Made easy

We’re reducing the total number of health insurance products we offer, making them simpler to compare and understand.

This change will make it easier for members to move between products as their needs change.


Gold, Silver,
Bronze & Basic

We've renamed and changed products in line with government reforms that came into effect in April 2019. These changes will make it easier for Australians to understand what's included in their health insurance when comparing products of different health insurers.


Member Plus

We introduced a new Member Plus Dental Arrangement in 1 January 2019, which delivers more choice of dentists and better Preventative Dental benefits.

You will get the same amount of money back when you claim regardless of whether you see a Member Plus or Non-Member Plus dentist.

Member service

As a not-for-profit health fund, members are at the heart of our business. That’s why we’ve made a conscious decision to focus more on looking after our existing members than acquiring new ones.

Member service

Quality cover
over incentives

We've stopped offering short term incentives to attract new members. While this is a common practice in health insurance we believe the quality of our insurance speaks for itself.

We'll continue to evolve our HBF Momentum member benefits program to provide offers and discounts that reward our existing members.

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Member service


We’ve placed more people into our Perth-based Member Contact Centre so we can answer members’ calls more quickly. This has helped us dramatically reduce call wait times.

To improve our face-to-face experience, we opened a new Perth city branch at HBF head office in July.

Member service

Focus on our
digital services

We're working to improve the service we provide through digital channels too - improving services like webchat and making it easier for members to claim, find providers and manage their policies.

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We're changing how we operate,
who we are remains the same

For members,
not for profit

In 2018, for every dollar we received in premiums, we returned 90 cents back to members as benefits.

Proudly Western Australian

Since 1941, we have proudly serviced Western Australians in need and will continue to be a WA-based health insurer for the foreseeable future. But we also need to grow our presence in other states to make us stronger, and deliver more value to our members.

Focused on

We are a force for good, partnering with others and driving change to make our community healthier and happier. Our annual HBF Run for a Reason has now raised more than $10 million for charity.