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23 May 2023

HBF has won Best Health Fund of the Year in the 2023 Finder Awards, validating our commitment to providing value to our million-plus members around Australia.

Here’s a bit more on how this award works with Finder’s Insurance Editor, James Martin – here to fill you in on why HBF was recognised.

Key points:

Finder have called it a ‘standout year’ for HBF in their annual awards1

  • HBF has won Best Health Fund of the Year
  • HBF’s Basic Hospital Plus Elevate has won in the category Best Health Insurance - Basic Hospital
  • HBF’s Flex 50 has won in the category Best Health Insurance - Medium Extras
  • HBF has been Highly Commended for both Bronze Hospital Plus and Silver Hospital

How was the winner chosen? 1

First, Finder analysed nearly every health insurance policy available in Australia.

All health insurance products (policies) were assessed by averaging premiums from all states and territories for four life stages, which include single, couple, family, and single parent.

They then combined the pricing results with what is called a features score. For in-hospital treatments, Finder looked at 38 covers to measure the comprehensiveness of a policy.

Prices and features were also the basis of Finder’s ranking for the final extras cover scores.

The Result: policies that scored the highest represented the best value.

Let’s talk about recognised hospital cover value

One example noted by Finder to demonstrate member-first value is the Basic Hospital Plus Elevate policy, which includes 15 treatments – far more than most offer in the same tier.

What does that mean for members? You can get procedures like joint reconstruction, dental surgery and chemotherapy all within $12 per month of the lowest-priced Basic plan in Finder’s database.

Put simply, HBF won Finder’s Best Health Fund for 2023 because it scored more points than any other fund. Meaning we have some of the best-value policies on the market. 

Not just hospital, extras cover wins too

Our Flex 50 policy, which won Finder’s Medium Extras category, offers up to $800 in benefit limits per year, and the flexible aspect to this cover is that HBF members can choose the available services relevant to them – that might mean using the $800 limit on physiotherapy treatment or $400 on psychology and $400 on dental.

While it wasn’t a direct factor in the methodology, Finder also announced that HBF performed well against other major health funds in the latest State of the Health Funds report.

For example, HBF offers the most no-gap services (92.80%) of the 5 major health funds in Australia. 

For more information on the awards program and the full methodology, click here.

Note: Finder's 'top picks' are reviewed each month, so they are subject to change.


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