Ancillary providers

Information for ancillary providers and registration requirements with HBF.

HBF ancillary provider information

HBF will only pay benefits to eligible members for ancillary goods and services provided by Approved Providers. These are providers that comply with the "Terms applicable to ancillary providers" and the registration requirements relevant to their profession.

Telehealth benefits: HBF now offers benefits for some telehealth services on a permanent basis.

Telehealth information

 We’re here to help: We’ve improved our processes so it’s now easier for ancillary providers to contact us.

Call us directly on 1300 810 475

Terms applicable to ancillary providers

All ancillary providers must adhere to the:

  • HBF Fund Rules; and
  • Terms and conditions applicable to their relationship with us as either:
    • a Member Plus Provider or Participating Provider, in which case the terms of that agreement applies to each party; or
    • any other ancillary provider, in which case the HBF Approved Provider Terms and Conditions apply as detailed below.

The HBF Recognised Provider Terms and Conditions applies to ancillary providers:

  • who are not Member Plus Provides or Participating Providers;
  • who accept payment of benefits from HBF for any ancillary treatment; or
  • where an eligible member claims a benefit from HBF for any ancillary treatment provided by that ancillary provider.

Ancillary providers must read and ensure they comply with the terms and conditions applicable to their relationship with HBF in order for us to pay benefits for the goods and services they provide.

Select your ancillary type

In order to be registered as an Approved Provider with HBF, providers must meet our registration requirements. To determine what requirements apply to you please select your profession below:


The HBF Collection Statement: Providers/Health Practitioners applies to all ancillary providers and sets out how we collect, use and disclose the personal information of health providers. We collect provider information from a variety of sources including Medicare, HICAPS, Smart Health and the Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG).

Collection Statement: Providers/Health Practitioners HBF Privacy Policy


Ancillary providers should read the HBF Collection Statement: Providers/Health Practitioners to understand how we manage their personal information and can also refer to the HBF Privacy Policy.

Updates to Terms and Privacy

We encourage ancillary providers to regularly visit our website to view any updates to the terms which apply to their relationship with us, including the Collection Statement: Providers/Health Practitioners which may be amended from time to time.

Updating your nominated bank account

If you are already registered with us and would like to add or amend your bank account details, you will need to complete the Ancillary Provider Nominated Bank Account form.

Once completed, please return your signed form via email to When your form is processed you will receive a confirmation email.

Change of nominated bank account form

How do I update my information listed on HBF’s Provider Search tool and/or the HealthShare website?

To update your details on both the HBF Provider Search tool and HealthShare’s website, please contact HealthShare directly.

Removal of Cheques FAQs?

We are making changes to our payment methods. From 1 September 2022, we will no longer accept cheque or money order payments and, from 14 October 2022, we will no longer issue cheque payments.

Find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

What is the change?

We are making changes to our payment methods and will no longer be able to accept cheque or issue cheque payments.

This change means that:

  • From 1 September 2022, providers will no longer be able to send refunds to HBF via cheque and will need to choose an alternative payment method
  • From 14 October 2022, providers will no longer receive any benefit payments via cheque and will need to supply HBF with their Direct Credit details to receive payments

There will be no change to payments for electronic claims via participating terminals.

Why is this change occurring?

Over recent years, HBF has seen a significant reduction in cheque volumes and an increase in the use of Direct Credit. Removing cheques supports a more sustainable approach to payment methods which will benefit all our members. Cheques are slower, harder to track and can be vulnerable.

Paying electronically is secure, faster and more cost effective, benefiting both members and providers.

What are the benefits of Direct Credit?

Direct Credit is fast, secure, and direct. It can also reduce the time and cost involved in using cheques as a payment method.

What do I need to do?

You will need to add or update the Direct Credit details for all of your provider numbers in preparation for the change.

Supplying Direct Credit details means that payments can be made directly into the nominated bank account.

Where can I update my details?

You can update your banking details through the normal channels including completing the Change of Nominated Bank Account form and submitting to

What happens if I don’t update my details before 14 October 2022?

If you haven’t supplied your Direct Credit details by 14 October 2022, we won’t be able to make any benefit payments until these details are received. Members will still be able to electronically claim via participating terminals with no change to these payments.

What if I need to send a refund payment?

From 1 September 2022, all refunds will need to be via Direct Credit.

You can find our Direct Credit details on the reimbursement request.

What if I have further questions?

If you’d like to talk to us about this change, you can contact the team on 1300 810 475 or email

Contact details

For all ancillary registration queries please feel free to contact our provider registration team. For any Member Plus specific queries, please contact our ancillary provider relations team.

HBF ancillary registration

1300 810 475
Contact hours: 8am-4pm AWST*

*Monday – Friday – Closed public holidays

HBF ancillary relations

1300 810 475
Contact hours: 8am-4pm AWST*

*Monday – Friday – Closed public holidays

General Support

1300 810 475
Contact hours: 8am-4pm AWST*

*Monday – Friday – Closed public holidays