All your health records in one place
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Your Health

Your health is all that matters. So we’ve made it easy for HBF members to manage the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

  • Keeps all the important health info of you and your loved ones in one place. So it's always there when you need it
  • Track and monitor your health, fitness and wellbeing. So you can take control of your health
  • Schedule reminders for appointments. So you'll know exactly when your last vaccination is, and won't forget your next checkup

In Your Pocket

Keep all the important things close at hand…

  • All the important health info about you and your loved ones (blood type, allergies, medication…)
  • A timeline of test results, vaccinations, symptoms and illness
  • Reminders for doctor's appointments, tests and checkups
  • A record of your children's height and development, and your weight, workouts and other fitness stats
  • Images of x-rays, doctors notes, symptoms or prescriptions

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