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What is private health insurance?

Health insurance helps cover the cost of your health care both in and out of hospital. There are two types of health insurance: hospital insurance for going to hospital and extras insurance for stuff outside of hospital, like dental, optical or physio.

Hospital insurance explained

With hospital insurance, you can choose to go to a private hospital for treatment and your health fund will help cover the cost. That includes stuff like your doctors’ fees, theatre fees and accommodation.

Extras insurance explained

Extras insurance helps cover the cost of health services outside of hospital. That’s stuff like dental, optical and physio. Medicare doesn’t usually help pay for extras services, which means without it, you’d pay the full cost of stuff like dental and physio out of your own pocket.

Do I need hospital insurance?

Say you’re in an accident - with hospital insurance, you’d be able to choose your doctor, when you’re treated and the room you stay in. Without it, you’d have no choice about any of those things. Basically, hospital insurance gives you more choice and flexibility over your health care.

Do I need extras insurance?

Why extras insurance? It’s simple maths. Say you regularly see a physio for sports injuries. An average visit to the physio will set you back around $95. Without extras insurance, you’d pay $95. With the right kind of extras insurance, you could cut that cost in half.

Get covered with HBF

Still confused? Don’t worry – we’ve fast tracked your way to getting covered. We’ve put together a suggested policy based on the level of cover you had while you were covered by your parents.

If you’d prefer to talk to someone about taking out cover that’s right for you, simply call us or visit your local branch.