Health insurance for couples

Being a couple means caring for two. We're here to help with that. With HBF, you'll both get peace of mind at a price you can afford.

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Join eligible hospital and extras cover by 21 June 2024 and keep it to get $300 on a couple/family policy or $150 on a single/single parent policy.
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Why choose HBF couples cover?

100% back^

Get 100% back on your first scale and clean each year.^

Flexible extras

Extras cover that's as flexible as you are! Mostly physio, and a little dental? It's your choice with HBF's Flex Extras.

Affordable hospital cover

Get hospital cover for less than the cost of your daily coffee.

Mix and match

Mix and match any of our hospital and extras products to find the best value for both of you.

Find the right health insurance for you and your partner

Choose your life stage and we'll show health cover options that include the services couples like you care about most.

Basic Hospital Plus & Basic Extras

You just want basic Hospital cover and affordable extras.

Basic Hospital Plus

  • Low cost hospital cover for the basics, including Tonsils, adenoids and grommets
  • Cover for in-patient hospital treatment as a result of an accident1 from the day after you join

Basic Extras

  • Affordable cover for General Dental, Optical and 5 other essential services
  • Each person covered gets their own annual limits for extras.

Basic Hospital Plus Elevate & Flex 50

You want affordable cover for more than just the basics

Basic Hospital Plus Elevate

  • Affordable hospital cover for a selection of commonly used treatments, including Bone, joint and muscle
  • Cover for in-patient hospital treatment as a result of an accident1 from the day after you join

Flex 50

  • Get 50% or more back at the provider of your choice
  • Use your $800 combined annual limit how you want across a range of services2
  • Each person covered gets their own annual limits for extras.

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Cover to suit your needs

Tell us a little about yourself, and in 3 minutes we'll find our best cover to suit your needs.

Why trust HBF for your health insurance

Looking after Australians for over 80 years

We always put our members first

We're a not-for-profit organisation, so we focus on giving more back to members

HBF health members also get access to great discounts and health programs

  • Join the gym for less with discounts on gym membership4
  • Work out in style with discounts on fitness apparel4
  • We’ll help you get well with telephone health coaching and other free health programs5
  • Protect your health with a fully covered flu vaccination every year4

Switching to HBF is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Switching health funds is easier than you think. Follow these three simple steps to switch to HBF in just a few minutes.

  1. Choose health cover that suits your needs.
  2. Buy your health cover online. If you’d prefer to chat, visit your local branch or call 133 423.
  3. Tell us the name of your old insurer and we’ll do the switching paperwork for you.

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Do you need to be married for couples cover?

You don’t need to be married to get couples cover. You can get couples cover so long as there are two adults on the policy who are either in a de facto relationship or married.

Can my partner and I just get two single health cover policies?

Yes. As a couple you have the option of getting a couples health insurance policy which means you are both covered under the same policy with the same level of cover. Alternatively, if you want to be covered on different levels of cover, or you each want to have your own policies, you can get 2 singles policies. In the future, if you choose to move to a couples health insurance policy you can easily do so by calling us on 133 423 .

Do I need couples cover if I’m planning a family?

It’s up to you. If you’d like you and your partner to be covered on the same policy, you can get couples health cover with pregnancy and birth. But you also have the option of getting singles health insurance with pregnancy and birth, and another singles policy without it. When your baby arrives, you can then transition to family health cover, so you, your partner and your new baby can all be covered on the same policy.

Is there pregnancy and birth cover with no waiting period?

No. Most health funds, including HBF, have a 12-month waiting period for pregnancy and birth cover. This helps stop people from signing up for health cover, claiming and leaving, which drives up premiums for the health fund’s other members.

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