Assisted Reproductive Services (including IVF)

Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) enables couples experiencing fertility issues to achieve pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial methods. It’s more commonly known as ‘fertility treatment’.

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a common type of ARS. It is a service that helps women achieve pregnancy with the help of medical treatment. It is used to overcome a range of fertility issues including sperm antibodies, endometriosis or unexplained infertility. Treatment is administered by a fertility specialist, who is supported by a team of nurses, counsellors and scientists.

ARS are separate from maternity, which is a service with its own inclusions and waiting period.

This is simply a definition of ARS, and not an indication of what HBF covers. For more information about what HBF covers for ARS, please see 'Things you need to know about Assisted Reproductive Services'.

You might need Assisted Reproductive Services if you...

  • Would like to have a baby but are having problems conceiving naturally

Products that include cover for Assisted Reproductive Services (including IVF)

Assisted Reproductive Services (including IVF) is a Hospital service, and is included in the following cover options.

Hospital and Extras Packages

Smart Saver Twin Pack
$31.30 (i)
per week
Ultimate Package
$90.55 (i)
per week

Hospital Only

Top Hospital
$31.85 (i)
per week