About your new health cover

On 1 January 2020, your health cover will be transferred from Young Singles Saver Twin Pack $100 excess to Bronze Hospital Plus $750 excess and Basic Extras to simplify our product range in response to the Australian Government’s reforms to health insurance.

What are the changes?

We're transferring you from Young Single Saver Twin Pack $100 excess to Bronze Hospital Plus $750 excess + Basic Extras. We've summarised below some of the updates to your cover. For full details about how your cover is changing, please see the Product Transfer Sheet (PDF).

Bronze Hospital Plus
Excess level increase to $750
Some changes include
  • Removal of vascular services
  • Removal or surgical cancer treatment related to the heart and vascular system
  • The removal of excess skin and fat resulting from weight loss
  • Added female and male sterility reversal
  • Added eye lens surgery not related to cataracts
  • Added private room cover
  • Family scales available
Basic Extras
What's changing?
  • Removed cover for pharmaceuticals and podiatry
  • General restorative dental services now have annual limits
  • Removed cover for laser eye surgery
  • Optical services have a combined annual limit on your New Cover
  • You may have a decrease and/ or increase to the annual limits for chiropractic and physiotherapy
  • Added cover for healthy living programs and osteopathy

Why is my health cover changing?

In response to Government reforms, we have decided to simplify our product range and from 1 January 2020 we will no longer offer certain health covers. This includes your current health cover.

Because your current health cover will no longer exist, we’ll automatically transfer you to the New Cover above, effective 1 January 2020.

As a result, there may be changes to the premium you pay, your excess and the services you are covered for.

If you have any questions, or if you’re not sure if this New Cover is right for you, please call us on 1300 550 296.

What do I need to do?

If we don’t hear from you, you will be automatically transferred to your New Cover as outlined above, effective 1 January 2020.

However, if you’d like to discuss other options please contact us and we will help you identify the cover that best suits your needs.

FAQs about your health cover changes

An excess is the amount you agree to pay to cover hospital costs, before your health insurance kicks in. You agree on this amount when you buy your insurance, but you’ll only pay it the first time you are admitted to hospital in a calendar year.

We have chosen a higher excess for you to help reduce the amount you pay, however, there are other excess options available on your Hospital cover. If you would like to switch to a $250 or $500 excess, please call us. Remember - the higher the excess, the lower the premium.

In choosing this New Cover for you, we have considered the service coverage and premiums you pay for your Current Cover.

If you would prefer to transfer to a different cover than the New Cover outlined, please contact us. We’ll help you identify the cover that best suit your health needs and explain any waiting periods that may apply.

If you have already served all waiting periods on your Current Cover, you will not have to serve waiting periods on your New Cover.

If you upgrade your Extras cover, on or before 1 March 2020 we will waive your 2 month waiting periods.

You have until 1 March 2020 to upgrade your cover and have your waiting periods waived for any services you may have lost.

Your benefits for your upcoming treatment will not change if;

  • your hospital treatment is booked by 31 December 2019, or
  • you already have a valid written benefit quote from HBF, and
  • your treatment is provided before the end of quote expiry date (this is 90 days from the issue date of your quote), when you are transferred to your New Cover.

If you are undertaking a course of hospital treatment when you are transferred to your New Cover, your benefits won’t be impacted unless the course of treatment continues beyond 30 June 2020.

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