Corporate Sponsorship

Our corporate sponsorships seek to deliver added value for HBF members and build brand awareness and engagement, while delivering improved health outcomes in WA.

How our program works

We are focused on supporting initiatives that are improving the health of West Australians, such as:
  1. Physical Activity

    Initiatives encouraging physical activity and directly impacting a large proportion of the WA community.
  2. Nutrition

    Nutrition based activities that provide opportunities for improved health.
  3. Chronic health diseases

    Activities that address prevention and management of recognised chronic health conditions which impact a significant portion of the WA community.

Eligibility criteria for the Corporate Sponsorships

Preference will be given to opportunities that:

  • Activities that address recognised chronic health conditions which impact a significant portion of the WA community.
  • Initiatives that can demonstrate a tangible community benefit in the area of health and wellbeing.
  • Opportunities providing scope for HBF employee involvement, through volunteering or fundraising activity.
  • Activities that can provide specific and measurable outcomes.
  • Initiatives demonstrating good governance, financial management and accountable leadership.
  • Partnerships that have the potential to include additional benefits for HBF members.

What should I include in a sponsorship proposal?

  • Name and position of contact person
  • An overview of your organisation
  • Objectives of your project
  • History of your project (if applicable)
  • A clear link to HBF’s key areas of focus
  • A comprehensive list of benefits to HBF
  • Opportunity for HBF members and employees to receive a benefit/discount
  • Detailed budget of how funds will be spent
  • How the success of the project will be measured and reported
  • Overview of the marketing plan, including media coverage, advertising, PR and event promotion
  • Timeframe, including start and end dates and important deadlines
  • Opportunities for HBF employee involvement
  • A list of current sponsors, partners and associated organisations
  • Defined target group
  • Expected number of participants
  • Cost (if applicable) to participants
  • Sponsorship cash and in-kind details including due dates

What lead-time does HBF need before sponsoring an event?

Applications must be submitted at least 12 weeks before your event or program commences.

What key timings do I need to be aware of?

Requests for corporate sponsorship can be submitted throughout the year however please be aware that we operate to a July to June financial year and budget planning is generally completed by February each year.

Who can I contact for updates and support during the application phase?

You can contact our Senior Manager Brand & Community Connected on