Common FAQs to help you during tax time

1. What information will I receive at tax time?

Your Private Health Insurance tax statement is proof that you've held private health cover this financial year, and will help you complete your tax return. Your statement shows:

  • Your health insurance premiums received for the previous financial year (a $0 amount means you didn’t make a payment this financial year);
  • Your share of the Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance (if you’re not registered for the Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance as a premium reduction or on Tier 3/are a high income earner, this amount will be $0);
  • Any other adult beneficiaries who were on the policy at the time payments were made;
  • The maximum number of days your private health insurance provided an appropriate level of private hospital cover;
  • Your Private Health Insurance Standard Information Statement(s) (SIS). This gives you a basic summary of the general features of your product(s). Please note, your SIS does not include the rebate or any other discounts you may receive on your health cover. Therefore your SIS payment summary might be different to what you actually pay.

If you need more details regarding your statement, our handy ‘How to read your tax statement’ guide will provide you with more information.

2. When and how will I receive my tax statement?

Your tax statement will be sent to you between mid-June and 15 July 2016 either electronically or by post. If you’ve selected to receive documents electronically, we’ll email you once your tax statement is available to view and download via myHBF.

If you’ve selected to receive documents in the mail and you haven’t received it by 15 July 2016, please check that we have your correct address by calling us on 133 423. Alternatively, you can download a copy of your statement by registering or logging on to myHBF.

3. Why did I receive multiple statements from HBF?

For tax purposes, any rebate entitlements and payments are split equally between adults on the policy (excluding dependent children). This means we need to issue separate statements to each adult policy holder covered throughout the year.

If you were covered by two polices during the tax year — for example, if you had your own policy and then moved onto your partner’s policy — you’ll be sent two separate statements. When completing your tax return, you’ll need to include the figures from each statement.

5. Why are there multiple lines on my tax statement showing my payments and my rebate?

On April 1 each year, rebate percentages are adjusted as per Australian Government legislation. So if you’ve made multiple payments on your policy before, on, or after April 1, they will be listed on separate lines on your statement, and a different benefit code will appear on each line. When completing your tax return, you’ll need to enter the information on each line separately.

There may also be additional lines on your statement if you had a partner on your policy at the time payments were made. In this situation, any payments will be split equally between you and your partner on your tax statement.

6. What is an adjusted tax statement and when will I receive one?

An adjusted tax statement is automatically sent to you when a change is made to your HBF membership that affects a previous financial year. If this change affects any of the information on your statement, such as the eligible premiums, the rebate received, or the people covered on your membership (excluding dependent children), you will receive an adjusted tax statement from HBF.