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Your HBF health insurance lets you take control of
your health care

Faster treatment
You don't need to worry about long public waiting lists
Greater choice
You can choose your own specialist and private hospital for treatments you need
Peace of mind
Private health insurance protects you against the unexpected
Extra benefits
Depending on your cover, you can access extra benefits not offered by Medicare such as urgent ambulance, dental, optical, and much more

As an HBF member, you can be confident you're with the right health provider

We cover more of your dental bill on average than any other major fund*
PHIO 2015
We cover more of your hospital bill on average than any other major fund in WA
PHIO 2015
Ranked number 1 for benefits paid in the Australian Medical Association Health Insurance Report Card 2016
We have the highest customer satisfaction of all major health funds
IPSOS 2016

Why premiums increase?

Below are some of the key reasons why all health fund premiums rise each year
  • Quality healthcare is becoming more expensive

    As health treatments improve, thanks to technology and medical advancements, in many cases we see increased costs.

    From 2004-2015, healthcare costs increased by almost double that of other goods and services.

    Average growth for goods and services in Australia
    Growth rate for healthcare costs in Australia
  • The rebate has been reduced

    The Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance is a discount you receive on your cover. It is calculated depending on your age and income.

    Each year the Government adjusts the rebate in line with the rate of inflation. If your premium has risen by more than this, each year your rebate will cover a slightly smaller percentage of your total premium.



    * Based on people aged under 65 who earn ≤ $90,000 for singles and ≤ $180,00 for couples.

  • We're getting older and claiming more

    The great news is, we're living longer. But as we age we can all expect to make more use of our health system.


    3.6m 65+ population


    8.9m 65+ population


Information on premium changes

  • The rising cost of healthcare services is contributing to an increase in member premiums across all major Australian health funds. At HBF, we continue to encourage the Government to honour its promised health fund reforms to ensure private health insurance remains affordable. We need to lift rates to ensure we continue to provide our members with the benefits they need. Last year, the average HBF member received 8% more in benefits than they did the previous year.
  • No. We’re a Members Own fund which means we’re not for profit. In fact, we aspire to have a group net operating margin of less than 1%. As a Members Own fund, we only ever increase premiums to cover the cost of claims and to hold the reserves we need to operate responsibly and meet our legislative requirements.
  • Private Health Insurance lets you take control over your health care and fills in the gaps in Medicare’s coverage. It gives you greater choice allowing you to choose your own specialist and hospital and offers faster treatment for non-emergency surgery. It can also provide you with extra benefits not covered by Medicare such as urgent ambulance, dental and optical services and much more.