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With three levels of cover to choose from, you can pick a policy that suits you and your home.

Accidental damage or accidental loss
Burning out of electrical motors
Trees, plants and shrubs replacement
Flood cover (automatic)
Alternative accommodation
Removal of debris and demolishing costs
Architects, surveyors and legal fees
Replacing keys and recoding of locks and barrels
Liability cover
Storm cover to wooden gates, fences, etc
Most value

Premium cover

Accidental damage

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No limit

Quality cover

Listed events

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Basic cover


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This table is a summary of significant features and benefits only. Please refer to the HBF Accidental Damage Home Insurance, HBF Listed Events Home Insurance and HBF Fundamentals Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and policies for full terms and conditions.

FAQs about our building insurance

Before commencing renovations it is important that you notify us, as it may affect the terms and conditions of your policy. Also, it is important that you increase your sum insured to reflect any extensions or renovations to make sure you are adequately covered in the event of a claim.

Yes, it is important that HBF is informed immediately of any change in use of the premises, as it may affect our decision to insure you.

We offer discounts for HBF members who hold more than one insurance product with us. You may also be eligible for discounts based upon the details of the property you wish to insure, the type of security you have, the buildings age and your age. You may also be able to reduce your premium through our flexible product options; such as electing to have a higher excess.

Combine and save

Our home insurance is even better value when you combine it with an HBF health insurance policy - you’ll save 10% on your home insurance premium. Add another HBF policy to the mix and you can save up to 14.5%!

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