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With three levels of contents cover to choose from, you can pick one that suits you and the things you care about.

Accidental damage or accidental loss
Valuable items
Optional additional valuables cover
Contents at home in the open air
Burning out of electrical motors
Frozen food
Vet expenses if your pet is injured in a road accident
Liability cover
Bicycle cover
Flood cover (automatic)
New-for-old replacement cover (contents)
Credit card and transaction card misuse
Small boats and watercraft
Most value

Premium cover

Accidental damage

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20% of sums insured or $7,500. Whichever is greater (up to $2,500 per item)

Includes accidents

Up to $500


Includes accidents, except while racing


Max length 4m - motors less than 10hp

Quality cover

Listed events

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20% of sums insured or $5,000. Whichever is greater (up to $2,500 per item)

Up to $2,000 for the events listed

Up to $500

Up to $500



Max length 4m - motors less than 10hp

Basic cover


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$2,000 in total (up to $1,000 per item)

Up to $1,000 for the events listed

Australia wide


Max length 3m – unpowered only

This table is a summary of significant features and benefits only. Please refer to the HBF Accidental Damage Home Insurance, HBF Listed Events Home Insurance and HBF Fundamentals Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and policies for full terms and conditions.

FAQs about our contents insurance

Home contents are defined as household goods or personal effects not fixed or fitted to buildings and are legally responsible for, such as some fitted fixtures (such as carpets, curtains and blinds) through to recreational items such as surf skis, kayaks, canoes and surfboards. Tools, computers, CDs, DVDs, artwork and jewellery are also included.

Home contents are covered inside your home or other buildings on your premises (that you have exclusive use of and keep securely locked, such as your back shed).

Your home contents policy also provides limited cover for items kept outside your home, but on the premises, such as garden furniture.

We offer discounts for HBF members who hold more than one insurance product with us. You may also be eligible for discounts based upon the details of the property you wish to insure, the type of security you have, the buildings age and your age. You may also be able to reduce your premium through our flexible product options; such as electing to have a higher excess.

Combine and save

Our home insurance is even better value when you combine it with an HBF health insurance policy - you’ll save 10% on your home insurance premium. Add another HBF policy to the mix and you can save up to 14.5%!

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