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A few great reasons to choose HBF Landlord Insurance

  • Claiming

    We’re here to make landlords’ lives easier. So if you need to make a claim, our team is available to get things moving 24/7.

  • Protection for all residential property types

    Whether you’ve bought a house, town house, unit, flat, terrace house or even a unit in a retirement village, we can cover you.

  • Loss of rent

    Optional loss of rent cover for up to 12 months if your investment property is damaged and uninhabitable.1

  • Flood, fire and storm

    We can look after your investment with our fire, flood and storm cover.

  • Household goods covered

    We’ll cover household goods you own or are legally responsible for, that aren’t fixed or fitted to your rental property; like carpets, curtains, and portable appliances.

  • Rent default

    If your tenant defaults on rent payments, this optional extra can cover lost rental income up to $5,000 and associated legal costs up to $1,000.2

We go that extra step to ensure your investment is safe

Protect your assets and minimise your risk with our Landlord Insurance protection.

Landlord Insurance

  • Burning out of an electric motor
  • Loss or damage by a tenant or their guests. May incur an additional excess.
  • Deliberate acts of damage and vandalism by tenants. An additional excess applies to this cover.

Optional extras

Rent default and theft by tenant

Cover for the weekly rental amount your tenants should have paid, up to $5,000. We will also cover you if your tenants or their visitors steal part of your building or any contents you have insured.

Loss of rent cover

If your building is uninhabitable, up to 12 months, up to the sum insured chosen.

Please refer to the HBF Landlord Insurance Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and policies for full terms and conditions.

Optional extras

Increase your Landlord Insurance cover with our extensive range of optional extras including Loss of Rent, Rent Default and theft by a tenant, Strata Title Mortgagee Protection and Worker’s Compensation.

Trust your home with HBF