Managing members on your policy

Life is rarely linear and sometimes we need to add, or remove members from our policy. If you’re experiencing a separation or find yourself the guardian of a child, we outline the process and some of the steps you can take below.

Relationship difficulties, separation, and divorce

Difficulties in or breakdown of a relationship can be difficult. Changes in living arrangements may also put strain on finances.

How HBF can help

You or your partner can transfer off one HBF health policy to another and, as long as you’re up-to-date with your premium payments, HBF will recognise the waiting periods that you have already served. If you’ve partly served your waiting periods, you will only need to serve the remaining time before being eligible to claim.

However, if the member leaving the policy moves to a product with increased benefits or services, waiting periods will apply.

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to also register for the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance. However, if the member who leaves the policy was entitled to a higher rebate than you and you are the only remaining adult left on the policy, you may be entitled to retain the rebate at that higher level.

If you need to change your policy as a result of a change in your relationship, give us a call on 133 423. We can discuss your options and help you sort out the best cover for yourself and/or your family.

Other resources

There are many organisations that offer professional advice and counselling for people experiencing relationship difficulties:

Adding a child in your care to your policy

If you are the guardian of a child, including an adopted, foster, or surrogate child, you may want to add them to your policy.

How HBF can help

For a child to be added to your policy, they must be under you or your partner’s legal control, be totally dependent on, and living with you.

We usually require proof of parental responsibility and this may be in the form of a court order from the Children’s or Family Court, or a letter or document from an appropriate government department or party like the child’s school principal or doctor. They will need to confirm that you are the guardian and have been parenting the child for a period of time.

To add a child to your policy please give us a call on 133 423. We can discuss your options and help you sort out the best cover for you and your family.