This is how health cover works. A visual guide for coming off your family's policy


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12 June 2023

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‘Adulting’ can be defined as the completion of mundane tasks. While you may see educating yourself on health cover as peak adulting – hopefully after this visual adventure you’ll feel motivated to tackle the task.

Before we set off on our adventure, there’s some extra reading here that can always be referenced and is super handy if you’re in the position of deciding what to do after coming off your parents’ policy.

With HBF, you can stay on your family policy until you turn 21, as long as you're not married or living in a de-facto relationship. You can stay on the policy a few more years – until you're 25 – if you’re a full-time student or earning a taxable income of less than $24,500 per year.

We can tell you value your wellbeing just by being here, so pat yourself on the back and enjoy the visual guide.

Dependants infographic

Dependants infographic

Dependants infographic

Dependants infographic

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HBF offer a range of cover options, to both ease you into 'adulting' while benefiting your wellbeing. We can also support you in prioritising specific health priorities like mental health, optical, or physio.

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Extras cover to feel good about

With great benefits for things like dental, optical, physio and more, HBF extras cover can help support your wellbeing

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