7 unexpected reasons to get home and contents insurance

By Dan Hatch

5 minutes

10 September 2019

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The words ‘home insurance’ usually conjure up thoughts of bushfires, floods and storms. These are all good reasons to get insured – but they aren’t the only ones.

What about the “natural disasters” that happen right at home?

You host a dinner party and a guest spills red wine on the carpet. You pop to the shops and your cat shreds a beloved armchair while you’re out.

We put so much love and effort into making our homes perfect, but it takes only a moment for damage to be done. When it happens, it’s not only heartbreaking, it can be difficult and costly to repair.

These accidents are also totally unexpected (you don’t get a storm warning before a toddler meltdown ). But perhaps even more unexpected is that you can actually get covered for this sort of thing.

With HBF Home Insurance there is an insurance option to cover these mishaps and remove all the angst. It’s called Accidental Damage Home Insurance, and it can help you keep your home looking great for longer, when you select the contents cover option.

Consider seven common scenarios that are not covered by some standard home contents policies but can be covered under HBF’s Accidental Damage Home  Insurance, where you take out contents cover.

Scenario 1: The toddler and the television

You’re in the living room with your two-year-old child or grandchild. They’re excitedly waving the remote control around, perhaps hoping to change the channel. Before you can react, they’ve accidentally lost their grip on the remote and it flies across the room, hitting your 65-inch TV, cracking the screen.

The TV cost $1,300 from a popular retailer, but accidental breakage of screens and monitors is not covered by some home contents insurance policies. In which case, you’re on the hook for covering the cost of a replacement yourself.

If you had taken out contents cover under Accidental Damage Home Insurance, the damage could be covered and HBF could pay for a replacement TV, since the policy can cover up to $20,000 on individual items. This coverage excludes, of course, any damage caused intentionally.

Scenario 2: The dog destroys your leather lounge suite

It’s raining and you need to duck out to the shops to grab a few things. Instead of putting the dog in the backyard to get wet, you leave him inside. While you’re gone Fido gets bored and rips the stuffing out of your $3,500 leather sofa.

If you had contents cover under HBF’s Accidental Damage Home Insurance, and the damage is repairable, you would be able to make a claim to have  your sofa repaired to a condition as if it was new. If it’s not repairable, you may be able to claim for the replacement cost of your sofa.

Scenario 3: Teenage revelry and fancy glassware

It’s your daughter’s sixteenth birthday and you’ve bravely agreed she can throw a party at home. Your dining room table is moved to make way for a dance floor, but you leave your crystal glassware in the side cabinet.

The celebrations become more rambunctious and one of the guests manages to knock your best crystal decanter onto the floor, smashing it to smithereens.

Your contents cover under your Accidental Damage Home Insurance policy could allow you to claim up to $20,000 on a single item (for items such as decanters).

Scenario 4: An overzealous amateur gardener with a pruning saw

There’s a tree in your garden too close to the house, so your partner decides to have a backyard blitz and cut off some nuisance branches. The first few limbs land safely on the ground but the last one smashes right through the kitchen window.

Under some Home Contents Insurance policies, impact from a falling tree branch resulting from an insurable event (like a storm) is usually something you can claim for, but that’s not the case if you’ve cut down the branch yourself (or if you’ve had someone else do it).

However, with contents cover under HBF’s Accidental Damage Home Insurance policy you can claim for the cost of the replacement window and its installation. You may even be covered for the reasonable costs for the removal of the tree debris, for a value up to 10% of your total sum insured.

Accidental Damage Home Insurance can extend beyond your four walls

HBF’s Accidental Damage Home Insurance, where you take out the contents option, can also cover your contents against damage, loss or theft for up to 90 consecutive days when the insured items are not actually in your home - as long as they are still in Australia or New Zealand.

Here are some examples:

Scenario 5: You lose your sunglasses

You’re out and about with friends one day and you lose your new pair of designer sunglasses.

Under some home contents insurance policies, your glasses won’t be covered, but with HBF’s Accidental Damage Home Insurance you make a claim as long as you were in Australia or New Zealand at the time.

Scenario 6: You break your mobile phone

On a night out with your friends you drop and completely break your mobile phone.

As long as you were in Australia or New Zealand when the breakage happened, you can claim under this type of policy.

Scenario 7: Your stuff gets stolen from your car

You get back to your car after work and find the window smashed. All your sporting gear has been taken from the back seat, a bag of shopping has been taken from the boot and your smart watch is missing from the glove box.

While you could also be up for a claim under your car insurance for the smashed window, you may find you’re not covered for the entire value of the contents taken from your car. Accidental Damage Contents Insurance may extend to cover you here though.

What you can do to ensure you’re covered at home

You should review your current home contents insurance and check whether you’d be covered in a situation like any of the above - if they are likely to impact you. If you’re not covered, it might be time to change your policy.

Get a quote for home insurance from HBF

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